The Diffusion Group examines and forecasts the future of TV and video in the age of the ‘connected’ or ‘quantum consumer.’ 

In this emerging system, multi-screen access, while important, is but one variable within a much larger set that also includes different content, conduits, and consumption models. Collectively, these elements comprise the foundation of a complex ecosystem that, in theory, provides universal access as well-highly personalized media experiences. These are the topics we study, all with an eye toward predicting key industry shifts and evolving usage models.

In these rapidly evolving markets, keeping pace with change is difficult, much less predicting the nature of change years before it manifests. As TDG Members will testify, this is precisely what we do: combine a deep awareness of the present with an uncanny eye for what’s next.

For almost 12 years, TDG’s insights have for proven beneficial to the world’s top technology providers, the largest Hollywood studios, the larger incumbent TV operators, and an array of cutting-edge broadband video enablers.

Perhaps it is time to learn more about how TDG can help your company best manage these evolving opportunities and challenges.

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