Senior Advisor

Financial and Marketing Analytics, Mobile


Sr. Strategic Pricing Manager, AT&T Mobility Labs

Ed is a seasoned veteran consultant in Mobility, Utilities and Local search providing strategy, market assessments, forecasts, competitive intelligence, pricing and performance analytics. He has the unique ability to quantify nebulous and complex issues in current and emerging markets creating results which are grounded, actionable, and easy to understand.

As an analyst and consultant, he has provided numerous forecasts and market assessments in Mobility (subscribers, phones, mobile content, and revenues) in the U.S., Latin America, and the world. Research companies utilizing Ed’s skills in Mobility area include TDG and Strategy Analytics. He has worked with heavy weights such as: AT&T, Ericsson, Southern Company, Motricity, and Progress Energy (now Duke Power).

Beyond mobility, Ed has assessed the economic impact on U.S. manufacturing resulting from fracking oil in the U.S. and quantifying the results by business vertical. In addition, he has identified key dynamics driving global shifts in manufacturing back to the U.S. – estimating key economics metrics by industry sector.

Ed currently serves as senior manager/analyst in local search providing analytics and forecasting expertise for a leading directory and search provider. His education includes MBA – Finance, East Carolina University, BA – Economics and Business, Lafayette College, and Big Data Analytics certification from Emory University. Ed lives in Alpharetta, GA.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile content
  • Market opportunities
  • Sales assessment
  • TV/mobile apps
  • Customer analytics
  • Profitability/NPV modeling
  • Content strategy
  • Business intelligence