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Incremental UHD

As described in detail in TDG’s latest report, The Path to UHD, UHD video is not an all-or-none proposition, but instead a set of distinct enhancements that can be implemented incrementally. Internet video providers like Netflix are well aware of this fact, and its new Meridian effort represents “the new vanguard for video innovation.” So […]


Zeroing In

The big news in the media world this past week was clearly the launch of AT&T’s new DirecTV Now broadband pay-TV service. The launch event turned heads with a slick interface and promotional pricing of $35/month for 100 channels (with HBO as a $5/month add-on). As more details emerged, however, critics took aim at the […]


Fans From Farther Afield

Two sports events this past week caught my eye. First, the NFL played its first-ever Monday Night Football game in Mexico, with the Oakland Raiders defeating the Houston Texans in front of 76,743 American football fans. The next day I watched my hometown Seattle Sounders defeat the Colorado Rapids 2-1 in game one of the […]


Reinventing the Model

Apple held a launch event in Cupertino back on October 27, but nobody much noticed in the run up to the election. Looking at it again with a clearer head, it’s obvious that Apple’s new TV app is actually a pretty big deal. This became even more apparent this week when Bloomberg reported that Apple […]


‘OTT’ is So Yesterday

It is human nature to try and place new phenomena into existing interpretive structures. It’s the way our minds work. Unfortunately, truly innovative concepts may not fit so neatly into existing semantic systems and, when they do, their usefulness is often short lived. One such concept is over-the-top or OTT video delivery. While it may […]


The Decline and Fall of Establishment Media

There was only one big story this past week, and we all know what it was. Whether you were for him or against him, the election of Donald Trump certainly threw the entire country for a loop. I’ll refrain from commenting on the outcome here. What’s done is done. Instead, I’ve been thinking about what […]


Right on Target

Two interesting (and related) news items from Facebook this week. First, the social networking giant noted on its earnings call that revenue growth will slow going forward because online ad loads are reaching saturation level. There are simply no more places to jam an ad without ruining the user experience. Facebook stock promptly dropped nearly […]


The Trouble with Twitter

Two events of note from last week…. First, Twitter announced plans to shut down Vine. The app built on 6-second videos for a world of 8-second attention spans attracted plenty of casual users, but never generated any revenue. Second, The World Series got underway with an epic matchup between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland […]

time warner

The Death of Distribution

Big news this weekend that AT&T is acquiring Time Warner, parent company of HBO, TNT, CNN, Warner Bros, and many other well-known content brands. The $85 billon deal is significantly larger than Comcast’s $49 billion 2011 acquisition of NBC Universal and arguably much more important. Coming on the heels of AT&T’s $49 billion acquisition of […]


When They Go Low, We Watch Cat GIFs

Relax, this is not going to be a political post. We here at TDG do write about the media, however, and ignoring the current campaign seems to me like passengers on the Titanic trying to avoid talking about the iceberg. Rather than talking about the candidates, however, I’m intrigued by the effect on video viewing. […]


Crossing the Virtual Chasm

Virtual reality (VR) wants so, so badly to go mainstream. This week’s Oculus Connect event made that point very evident. Mark Zuckerberg even enlisted his wife and his dog in his efforts to make VR look warm and fuzzy. The Zuck doth protest too much, methinks. VR is still far from mainstream, but it’s getting […]


You Will Be Assimilated

Remember when Google was a search engine? Yeah, me too. This week’s epic “Made By Google” event made those days seem like ancient history. The folks from Mountain View came out with guns blazing, launching so many new hardware products at once that the Twitterverse had a hard time keeping up. TDG Members were smiling […]

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