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Just Play Nice

Amazon announced on October 1 that it will no longer sell Google Chromecast or Apple TV devices on its retail site. The not-too-convincing rationale offered was that these devices don’t support the Amazon Prime Video service. As many commentators correctly pointed out, the only reason Amazon Instant Video is not available on said devices is […]


The Social TV Race Heats Up

Facebook and Twitter both announced new features on Tuesday, partially stealing each other’s thunder. But it is not just the timing that is of interest; the announcements, like the platforms, could not be more different. Facebook is focusing on the benefits it can offer brands, while Twitter launched a new feature aimed at capturing new […]

best buy

Browsing Best Buy

I upgraded my aging Dell laptop to Windows 10 this summer, and it didn’t go so well. Windows 10 itself is quite nice, good even, and I do recommend it. Unfortunately for me, however, my old Windows 7 machine (although plenty fast enough) came out of the upgrade with some strange and apparently irresolvable hardware […]


Invisible No More

Two seemingly related events shook the world of viewer measurement this week, giving Advertising Week attendees something to talk about other than adblocking. First, Rentrak and comScore are merging to create a potential Nielsen-slaying service capable of tracking viewers across multiple platforms. The second announcement, which came right on the heels of the first, was […]


The Volvo and the Olive Tree

I just returned from the 2015 Nordic Media Summit (NMS) in Copenhagen. This small event (in its sixth rendition) has quietly become one of the more interesting events in the annual OTT calendar. The Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland) continue to punch far above their weight in terms of OTT innovation and […]


The Truth About Unbundling (Why It Won’t Send Your Cable Bill Plummeting)

“Why am I paying for all these channels I never watch?” This has become the rallying cry for those who’d like to see their MVPDs offer stripped down “skinny bundles.” Or, even better, a la carte options, where viewers can piece together their own bouquets of channels, selecting only the networks they watch, at a […]


The Evolution of the Streaming Box

Fall is here, and with it TV season. Along with all the new shows, manufacturers have decided that fall is the season to release new TV streaming boxes. Apple launched a new, more powerful $149 Apple TV box on September 9. Tim Cook and the folks in Cupertino finally decided that the future of TV […]


Are You Ready For Some Football?

The NFL kicked off a new season this past weekend. In addition to all the chatter about free agents, coaches, and Tom Brady’s Deflate-gate suspension (or lack thereof), some of the most interesting news this year revolves around major moves to stream America’s favorite spectator sport online. Are you ready for some (streaming) football? First, […]


Verizon’s Go90 Makes All The Right Moves

This week Verizon announced the launch of its new Go90 service to a small group of existing customers. Go90 is Verizon’s own version of a standalone TV service though, as we shall see, it is a unique offering that has little in common with conventional pay-TV services. At the same time, Verizon also announced that […]


The Brand Called ‘Jeremy’

As summer vacation comes to a close and kids return to school, I always like to look for industry stories that get passed over during the summer slowdown. One deal you may have missed was Amazon signing a three-year $250 million dollar deal with Jeremy Clarkson (and his partners James May and Richard Hammond) for […]


Hulu’s Double Whammy

Hulu made two very big moves this week, building on the momentum it began earlier this year when it announced an original content play along with a multimillion dollar deal to stream the Seinfeld catalog. The first bombshell dropped Monday, when Epix confirmed it was leaving Netflix for Hulu, giving the latter a deep catalog […]


Dominoes: MLB, Fox RSNs, and the Future of Televised Sports

Major League Baseball (MLB) and Fox Broadcast Networks (Fox) announced a breakthrough this past week in their long-running dispute over live and on-demand streaming of in-market games. Fox controls local broadcast rights for 15 of baseball’s 30 teams through Fox’s regional sports networks (RSNs). Until now, the only major league team offering in-market streaming of […]

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