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When They Go Low, We Watch Cat GIFs

Relax, this is not going to be a political post. We here at TDG do write about the media, however, and ignoring the current campaign seems to me like passengers on the Titanic trying to avoid talking about the iceberg. Rather than talking about the candidates, however, I’m intrigued by the effect on video viewing. […]


Crossing the Virtual Chasm

Virtual reality (VR) wants so, so badly to go mainstream. This week’s Oculus Connect event made that point very evident. Mark Zuckerberg even enlisted his wife and his dog in his efforts to make VR look warm and fuzzy. The Zuck doth protest too much, methinks. VR is still far from mainstream, but it’s getting […]


You Will Be Assimilated

Remember when Google was a search engine? Yeah, me too. This week’s epic “Made By Google” event made those days seem like ancient history. The folks from Mountain View came out with guns blazing, launching so many new hardware products at once that the Twitterverse had a hard time keeping up. TDG Members were smiling […]


Pincer Movement

I just returned from my second trip to Colombia, where I participated in a fascinating dialogue about the future of television that was believable and shocking at the same time. In 2016, broadcast television in Latin America finds itself caught in a pincer movement between pay-TV on one side and broadband video (OTT) providers on […]


FCC: Boxes? We Don’t Need No Stinking Boxes!

On September 29, the FCC is scheduled to vote on its new ‘unlock the box’ initiative. As has been widely reported, Tom Wheeler and the gang have (finally!) accepted that the future of TV is an app (a prediction I made more than three years ago). As such, the proposed rules would require MVPDs (after […]


Curiouser and Curiouser

Last week I ran the gauntlet of the NBC’s TV Everywhere authentication and streamed the NFL season opener online. (Sorry about those hits, Cam.) This week I streamed Twitter’s first live NFL broadcast from the same Starbucks and walked away concluding that CBS was the big winner. How did that happen and what does it […]


Are You Confused About Some Football?

Fall is in the air and the NFL season is officially underway. For the online video viewer, there are more ways than ever to watch America’s favorite pastime. This is a good thing, right? Well, sort of. This past Thursday, while at a local Starbucks, I streamed NBC’s season-opening rematch of last year’s Super Bowl […]


For Experts Only

As incoming freshmen arrive at colleges and universities around the country this week, multiple schools will again be offering classes based on Game of Thrones and other TV shows. Even for those not studying Tyrion in the classroom, TV has become an increasingly serious pastime. The popular TV review site, A.V. Club, now provides expert […]


Real Fake Beats Fake Real

Growing up in Minnesota, the old summer joke went that there were two seasons: winter and road construction. Living in a house with three school-age boys, I have come up with a new version of this old chestnut. For parents in 2016, there are two seasons: school and Minecraft (or to be exact, Minecraft videos […]



Resource scramble: competitive behavior that occurs when a number of organisms utilize common resources that are in short supply. It’s the dog days of August, but the fall 2016 TV season is right around the corner. While doing some summertime reading, I stumbled upon the idea of the ‘resource scramble.’ Ecologists use this term to […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a Freemium Lunch

Hulu totally shut down the free AVOD portion of its service this past week. At the same time, it announced a new (but nonexclusive) distribution deal with Yahoo’s new View website to continue to provide a free outlet for select episodes of Hulu originals. What’s going on here? Although Hulu’s monetization model has been focused […]


Nutritional Supplements

Disney CEO Bob Eiger discussed plans for a new ESPN direct-to-consumer subscription service this week. Although details were a bit sparse, Mr. Eiger made it clear that the service will not be an online version of the core ESPN channels (or the live sports events thereon), but rather will provide access to content licensed by […]

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