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Live And In Color

President Obama gave his farewell address this week. I streamed it live on my phone directly from and the picture quality was amazing. When you add the fact that we’re talking about an ad-free stream produced by the federal government, the experience was downright shocking. So good, in fact, that it got me thinking […]


No Longer Center Stage

Lots of interesting news from CES 2017 last week. My kids were certainly fired up about the Lego Boost announcement. The big story, however, was the way that Amazon Alexa’s voice interface became the darling of this year’s show. This is obviously great news for Jeff Bezos and company, but what larger message is this […]


Challenges Ahead

Happy New Year! For those in Las Vegas this week for CES, my condolences to your feet and your expense account. Now that 2016 is behind us, what’s around the corner in 2017? Two predictions… 1. TV Ratings and Ad Dollars Face Tough Compares Wall Street-types like to talk about ‘tough compares.’ Growth is a […]


A Surreal Year

As we say goodbye to 2016, I had to applaud Merriam-Webster’s choice of surreal as the word of the year. The definition of the word (if not all of 2016) is “…marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. And then, as if to cement 2016’s surreal […]


Now You See It, Now You Don’t

As the holidays approach, parents are scurrying about shopping for gifts for their offspring. In this spirit, I was intrigued by new data showing that the legacy videogame market is truly struggling. Console hardware sales are down 45% year-on-year. Console software (i.e., games) is down 18% from last year. PC software, down 28%. But I […]


Full Stack

Two interesting news items from Netflix this past week. First, Netflix (finally) announced that subscribers will be able to download shows for offline playback. Second, Netflix content head Ted Sarandos reiterated his view that Netflix likes sports, but only if it can invent a new sport and own the resulting league. What are the common […]


Incremental UHD

As described in detail in TDG’s latest report, The Path to UHD, UHD video is not an all-or-none proposition, but instead a set of distinct enhancements that can be implemented incrementally. Internet video providers like Netflix are well aware of this fact, and its new Meridian effort represents “the new vanguard for video innovation.” So […]


Zeroing In

The big news in the media world this past week was clearly the launch of AT&T’s new DirecTV Now broadband pay-TV service. The launch event turned heads with a slick interface and promotional pricing of $35/month for 100 channels (with HBO as a $5/month add-on). As more details emerged, however, critics took aim at the […]


Fans From Farther Afield

Two sports events this past week caught my eye. First, the NFL played its first-ever Monday Night Football game in Mexico, with the Oakland Raiders defeating the Houston Texans in front of 76,743 American football fans. The next day I watched my hometown Seattle Sounders defeat the Colorado Rapids 2-1 in game one of the […]


Reinventing the Model

Apple held a launch event in Cupertino back on October 27, but nobody much noticed in the run up to the election. Looking at it again with a clearer head, it’s obvious that Apple’s new TV app is actually a pretty big deal. This became even more apparent this week when Bloomberg reported that Apple […]


‘OTT’ is So Yesterday

It is human nature to try and place new phenomena into existing interpretive structures. It’s the way our minds work. Unfortunately, truly innovative concepts may not fit so neatly into existing semantic systems and, when they do, their usefulness is often short lived. One such concept is over-the-top or OTT video delivery. While it may […]


The Decline and Fall of Establishment Media

There was only one big story this past week, and we all know what it was. Whether you were for him or against him, the election of Donald Trump certainly threw the entire country for a loop. I’ll refrain from commenting on the outcome here. What’s done is done. Instead, I’ve been thinking about what […]

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