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Dominoes: MLB, Fox RSNs, and the Future of Televised Sports

Major League Baseball (MLB) and Fox Broadcast Networks (Fox) announced a breakthrough this past week in their long-running dispute over live and on-demand streaming of in-market games. Fox controls local broadcast rights for 15 of baseball’s 30 teams through Fox’s regional sports networks (RSNs). Until now, the only major league team offering in-market streaming of […]


‘S’ is for ‘Streaming’

Last week, HBO announced a fascinating new five-year deal with Sesame Workshop, the makers of Sesame Street. Under the terms of the arrangement, HBO gets a back catalog of 150 Sesame Street episodes, as well as exclusive first-run access to all new episodes of Sesame Street for the next five years. All episodes will be […]


Why Cord-Cutting Remains An Unrealistic Option For Most TV Viewers

Whilst there was much rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth about the Q2 2015 pay-TV subscriber statistics (along with a dramatic sell-off on Wall Street), a closer look at those numbers reveals a lot less gloom and doom than originally reported. Yes, the top 13 MVPDs lost close to 0.5% of their subscribers last […]


Shelf Life: The Past, Present, and Future of TV

Jon Stewart just ended a 16-year run as host of The Daily Show. The program will live on under new host Trevor Noah, but will obviously not be the same. Stewart’s gig as host started on January 1999, one day after a new show called The Sopranos premiered on HBO. Looking back, that 24-hour period […]


Are We Getting A Little Over The Top About OTT?

HBO, Showtime, and CBS have launched their own standalone OTT apps, and there’s been much discussion about whether ESPN is in a position to make that move as well. Meanwhile, fans and industry observers are wondering when the hundreds of other broadcast and cable networks will take the standalone OTT app plunge. Many predict the […]


Dota What? eSports and the Future of TV

When I was growing up, competitive video games meant going over to the neighbor’s house and playing Pitfall on the Atari 2600. We’ve come a long way since those times, as illustrated by last week’s International Dota 2 Championships in Seattle. For those new to eSports, Dota 2 is a fantasy game developed by Valve […]


Virtual Reality: The Future of Entertainment or Just Another 3D?

‘Virtual Reality’ (or ‘VR’) is a term bandied about a lot these days, particularly in the entertainment industry. It’s supposed to be the ‘next big thing,’ a medium that changes the entire notion of storytelling by making it more immersive, more realistic, and (you guessed it) more reliant on technology. At the same time, many […]


King of the Wild Frontier

You can learn a lot from history. For my summer reading this year, I picked up Bob Thompson’s Born on a Mountaintop: On the Road with Davy Crockett and the Ghosts of the Wild Frontier. It’s a great combination of travelogue and history of one of America’s most fascinating and enduring heroes, David Crockett of […]


The Shot Heard Round The World?

In TDG’s April 2015 report on OTT TV Advertising, we predicted that the artificial division between OTT and linear TV streams of the same broadcast would cease to exist within five years, at least for advertising purposes. Lo and behold, what should we see this week, but that CBS is going to run the same […]


It’s Inevitable. Consumer Choice and the Future of TV

Three events of interest took place in the last week. First, Comcast announced earnings and reported for the first time that it has more broadband customers than video subscribers. Put another way, broadband has well and truly become Comcast’s primary offer to the customer, with video evolving into an ancillary bundle element. Second, AT&T closed […]


VidCon – Ignore It At Your Own Risk

VidCon is taking place this week in Anaheim. What started out as a convention for teenage fans of YouTube stars has turned into one of the premier events of the entertainment industry, with 21,000 attendees, and sponsors like Kia, Taco Bell, Best Buy, Panasonic, and Canon. Media executives that ignore this conference do so at […]


Imperial Overstretch – ESPN and the Future of TV

Legacy pay-TV subscriptions in the US have peaked and are in slow decline. Broadcast viewing time is being ‘shaved’ by other screens and services, and ‘skinny bundles’ are popping up everywhere. Due to these and other factors, ESPN has lost 7.0 million subscribers since its peak in 2011, 3.2 million in the last year alone. […]

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