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Beats and Baseball

While attending this week’s NAB conference in Las Vegas, I was struck by how hard this venerable show is trying to reinvent itself for the TV-as-an-app age. Panels and sessions on OTT video were abundant, with a large section of the North Hall taken over by a ‘connected media’ pavilion and a piece of the […]


It’s The Infrastructure, Stupid

Sling TV, the new OTT TV service from Dish, crashed during a critical NCAA Final Four men’s basketball championship game. And again, a few days later, during the season premier of Mad Men. That’s not (as many would argue) a sure sign that OTT is “not ready for prime time,” but rather an indication that […]


Great Expectations

As always, lots of news in OTT land last week. First, Sling TV acknowledged that several new additions to its channel lineup (including A&E, Lifetime, and LMN) do not include the full slate of shows. Instead of some episodes of Criminal Minds, for example, viewers see a “Content Unavailable” indicator in the program guide. Second, […]


Waiting for Nielsen

In February 2013, it was reported that Nielsen would soon introduce a system for measuring long-form video views on OTT TV devices. The industry, long in search of a universally accepted method to measure digital viewing, breathed a sigh of relief and sat back to wait for Nielsen to announce the new product’s launch date. […]


Not What You Think

Adobe released its U.S. Digital Video 2014 Inaugural Report last week. Given the dominant position of Adobe Primetime in the US TV Everywhere (TVE) authentication market, this report is an absolute must-read for folks interested in the future of TV. As with other broadband video ecosystem players like Freewheel and Ooyala, kudos to Adobe for […]


It’s Always The Ones You Don’t Suspect

The current explosion of OTT TV services has fixated both industry and popular media, with renewed cries of “Television as we know it is dead.” It’s an obsession I find to be misplaced. If anything is going to change the way we watch television and make OTT TV happen, it will be the TV Everywhere […]


Sony’s Vue DOA?

Sony’s new OTT service, PlayStation Vue, launched last week in three cities (New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia) to plenty of media attention but only to a single platform (Sony’s PS3 and PS4). Vue provides a variety of broadcast and cable channels in three different tiers at prices ranging from $49.99 to $69.99 per month. Interestingly, […]


This Apple Falls Far From The Tree

The Wall Street Journal recently pronounced that Apple would finally launch its long-rumored subscription TV service. While expected to be similar to Dish’s new Sling TV service, Apple’s slimmed-down bundle will (allegedly) include three of the big-four broadcast networks (NBC being the exception) and cost a bit more than Sling TV (WSJ posited a price […]


Where Has All the Viewing Gone?

Nielsen publicly released its Q4 2014 Total Audience Report last week, and as usual there’s much to consider in its latest data. The point that grabbed headlines, of course, was the fact that year-over-year average live TV viewing declined by 14 minutes. In percentage terms this may not seem like a huge decrease (a bit […]

hbo now

Is HBO Now Making Comcast A Bit Nervous?

HBO’s new standalone offering, HBO Now, will not be a competitive issue for most of its MVPD partners, with one very significant exception: Comcast. That’s because Comcast wants its customers to use its X1 and X2 set top boxes while other MVPDs would happily shift to a BYOD system. Pay-TV subscribers with HBO Go have […]


Not a Hobby

On Monday Apple and HBO jointly announced the exclusive launch of the cable channel’s long-awaited direct-to-consumer offering, to be called HBO Now, on Apple platforms. The exact launch date remains a bit of a mystery, but will happen in time for new subscribers to watch the premiere of Season 5 of HBO’s current flagship series, […]


Time Shifting Gets Time Shifted

This week Freewheel released its latest analysis of video viewing, and one of the biggest surprises was just how much time-shifted viewing has, well, shifted. According to the study, 64% of first-run programs are viewed eight days or more after the initial airdate. Only 28% are viewed during the first three days and 8% viewed […]

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