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Giving the People What They Want

The past few months have seen the launch of several new broadband-only pay-TV offerings from various MVPDs. These services are aimed at Gen Z and Millennial viewers, ‘Cord Nevers,’ who do not want or need a full pay-TV package. Dish was first out of the gate with Sling, a $20/month service that featured ESPN and […]



The world is in mourning this week after the brutal terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday night. Personal note – I am not French but my three children attend the French-American School of Puget Sound in the Seattle area. I was at the school on Friday when the news started breaking on people’s phones and […]


A New Definition For Pay-TV

It seemed, for a while anyway, that the Great Cord-Cutting Scare of Q2 2015 was an anomaly, and that the MVPDs had managed to successfully stem the number of defectors. But then Dish released its Q3 figures and a prominent analyst examined those figures and then re-examined them and announced that Dish indeed had suffered […]


Binging on Binge-Watching

Collins raised eyebrows this week by naming “binge-watching” the word of the year for 2015. Beating out a field of tough pop culture rivals including “swipe” and “ghosting,” the dictionary folks awarded this year’s crown to a term that means “to watch a large number of television programs (especially all the shows from one series) […]


Hulu’s Interactive Ad Play

This week we saw the first sign of what the post-advertising era might look like when Hulu announced that they would start running interactive ads using technology from recent Fox acquisition TrueX. Viewers would have the option of watching a 30-second interactive ad at the beginning of a show that would allow them to then […]


The Stream is the Message

Yahoo and the NFL made history last Sunday by delivering the first free and exclusively-online live football game to a global audience. Most observers of this supposedly momentous event have focused on two things: streaming quality and audience size. By both measures the game was a reasonable (if less than spectacular) success. Contrary to conventional […]


Twitter’s User Problem

Twitter announced its latest earnings this week, and the one stand-out from the call: lackluster user growth. Not surprisingly, this revelation sent Twitter’s stock prices downwards. It also served to highlight the social platform’s biggest problem, i.e., its inability to capture the sort of broad user base that would make it more attractive to television […]


Colombia University

I just returned from the 2015 ACIEM Telecom conference in Bogota, Colombia. This unique event is the most important gathering of telecom engineers, regulators, and executives in that country. I had the opportunity to speak about my favorite topic, i.e., the future of TV-as-an-app, as well as my more specific, recent work on the future […]


The Wait Is Over

After almost two years of waiting, Nielsen has finally delivered on the OTT measurement system for which the industry has been waiting. Called “Total Audience Management” it promises to be a real game changer, boosting industry adoption of TV Everywhere. This, in turn, will boost the amount of television being watched via OTT. Adoption of […]


TV of No Nation

The eyes of Hollywood were watching this past week as Netflix simultaneously released its new original movie about child soldiers in Africa, Beasts of No Nation, on both art house movie screens and via streaming to its 69 million subscribers worldwide. At the same time, the eyes of Wall Street were also on the company […]

AI 2015 - 10-15-2015 - Facebook Video

Is Facebook The New YouTube?

News reports this week indicate that Facebook is beta testing a new Video tab on its mobile app. That’s not surprising, given Facebook’s emphasis on video over the past year – a push that has seen the number of daily video views on the platform go from one to four billion (from September 2014 to […]


Just Play Nice

Amazon announced on October 1 that it will no longer sell Google Chromecast or Apple TV devices on its retail site. The not-too-convincing rationale offered was that these devices don’t support the Amazon Prime Video service. As many commentators correctly pointed out, the only reason Amazon Instant Video is not available on said devices is […]

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