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Getting Their Fix

Great article from The New York Times last week on the latest version of a long-running, government-funded University of Michigan study called “Monitoring the Future,” which reported that use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco by teens has fallen to 40-year lows. The article suggests (and I strongly agree) that the rampant use of smartphones (and […]

Family Ties

Sprint recently announced a new promotion that bundles a free subscription to Sling TV Orange for customers that sign up for four or more unlimited smartphone plans. AT&T has dropped similar hints about potentially bundling mobile data with DirecTV Now. Do these promotions represent the future of bundling or a blind alley? Three quick points… […]

Why Do Bad Apps Happen to Good MVPDs?

Every legacy pay-TV (LPTV) service has an app these days. I’m not talking about broadband pay-TV (BPTV) offshoots like DirecTV Now or Sling TV, mind you, just the apps designed for use by current LPTV customers. Just this past month, for example, Comcast replaced its Xfinity TV app with a new app called Xfinity Stream. […]

BPTV Is For Real

Earlier this week, YouTube announced its much-awaited YouTube TV ‘skinny bundle.’ The proposed $35/month service has many elements in common with both Sling TV and DirecTV Now, as well as a few new wrinkles. Will YouTube’s new offerings make waves in the US industry, or just a few ripples? A few thoughts. 1. Broadband Pay-TV […]

The Scorpion and the Frog

I’m guessing you’ve heard by now about the fall from grace of YouTube star, PewDiePie. The mainstream media finally figured out that his videos are full of anti-semitic (and plenty of other outrageous) comments. What you may not have seen, however, is Disney’s announcement that its wholly-owned MCN Maker Studios is not just dropping PewDiePie, […]

Closing the Gap

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the relationship between Netflix and the traditional broadcast networks. Netflix has had an amazing run over the past ten years, rising from its humble DVD-by-mail roots to become the preeminent broadband video streaming service in the world. Ten years is a long time, though, and the more […]

The Enemy of the Enemy is My Business Partner

Sony announced a new line of smart TVs this week that include Google’s flagship ‘Google Assistant’ voice interface. I hope Siri, Alexa, and Cortana aren’t too upset about it. The benefits to Google of such integration are obvious. The more interesting questions are why would Sony do this and what does it mean for the […]

A Million Reasons

An obscure event called the ‘Super Bowl’ took place last night. In addition to a tension-filled overtime game. (Congratulations, Patriots, but would you consider letting someone else win one next year?). This year’s shindig featured (1) an interesting halftime show by Lady Gaga, and (2) a multitude of high production-value advertisements. For those of you […]

The Big 6

An interesting little news item caught my eye this week. It seems Apple has joined the Partnership for Artificial Intelligence. In case you hadn’t heard of it, the members of this new organization already include Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. The key tenet of the group is to ensure that AI technologies benefit and […]

The Search for Growth

Two interesting news stories last week: First, reports that the broadband video (SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD) market in Mexico grew 39% in 2016 (to over US$200m). Second, Latin American telco giant América Móvil announced plans for a 2017 US launch of their Latino-focused broadband pay-TV channel called Nuestra Vision. Is this merely a coincidence, or […]

Live And In Color

President Obama gave his farewell address this week. I streamed it live on my phone directly from and the picture quality was amazing. When you add the fact that we’re talking about an ad-free stream produced by the federal government, the experience was downright shocking. So good, in fact, that it got me thinking […]

No Longer Center Stage

Lots of interesting news from CES 2017 last week. My kids were certainly fired up about the Lego Boost announcement. The big story, however, was the way that Amazon Alexa’s voice interface became the darling of this year’s show. This is obviously great news for Jeff Bezos and company, but what larger message is this […]

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