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Darned if You Do, Darned if You Don’t

A lot of discussion this past week about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to force MVPDs to provide an open interface between pay-TV services and third-party set-top boxes (e.g., AllVid). Legacy pay-TV companies and their panicked STB vendors immediately formed a counter-movement called ‘The Future of TV Coalition’ to oppose the FCC’s move. Stranger still, […]

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TV Everywhere Is (Finally) Coming

Nielsen’s new Total Audience Measurement system (TAM) is due to roll out in the next few months, and with it will come some exciting changes in the MVPD’s TV Everywhere (TVE) platforms. Once Nielsen is measuring the millions of tablet, smartphone, PC, and connected-TV views, the networks will lift the myriad of restrictions they have […]


Apples and Oranges

As fellow TDG analyst Alan Wolk rightly pointed out last week, the dispute between NBC and Netflix over viewing data seems to have really struck a nerve. As you are likely aware, NBC struck first by publicly providing estimated ratings numbers for Netflix shows based on an audio recognition-based sample of 15,000 viewers in San […]


Netflix 3.0

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is battling it out this week with NBC’s research chief Alan Wurtzel over Netflix’s refusal to release ratings for its shows. Names have been called and higher powers have been invoked. But while Netflix may refuse to give out ratings information, it does have to share subscriber numbers, and those numbers […]

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Breaking All the Rules

Two interesting stories caught my eye this past week. The first is that Netflix is now available in over 190 countries, having launched 130 new markets simultaneously during Reed Hastings’ CES keynote on January 6. Netflix is still not available in China, North Korea, or Syria, but pretty much everywhere else is covered. The second, […]

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Recommendation Revolution

The way we find and discover TV shows is about to undergo a very radical transformation. Rather than rely on a grid-like program guide stuffed with as many as 2,000 channels, pay-TV customers will soon be able to rely on recommendation-based program guides instead. These new guides will provide a better, more user-friendly experience for […]


Not with a Bang

“This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.” T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men Greetings and Happy New Year. In reviewing the year just passed, I am struck by two things. First, the scope and extent of legacy TV ratings losses, long predicted but alarming. Second, the denial among the […]


No More Mr. Nice Guy

Ted Sarandos of Netflix made news this past week at the UBS 43rd annual Global Media and Communications Conference in New York with some very pointed comments about the media industry. Sarandos, who has led content acquisition for Netflix since 2000 and tends to be pretty genteel and politically correct at public events, had some […]


Not Ready for Prime Time: Why Amazon’s Not Going to Become the Next Comcast

Just a few days after rumors surfaced that Amazon would begin selling other OTT services through its Prime subscription service, the e-commerce behemoth announced that both Showtime and Starz subscriptions (along with 17 smaller, OTT-only providers) would be available as add-ons to Prime. Is this the sign of a new era in pay TV, where […]


Hobson’s Choice: Amazon, Bundling and the Future of TV

Rumors this past week hint that Amazon is planning to offer third party video services as an add-on to its Amazon Prime Instant Video service. In contrast with Amazon’s model to date of licensing individual shows (or simply producing its own original content), the new model would include a full library of branded shows from […]


Giving the People What They Want

The past few months have seen the launch of several new broadband-only pay-TV offerings from various MVPDs. These services are aimed at Gen Z and Millennial viewers, ‘Cord Nevers,’ who do not want or need a full pay-TV package. Dish was first out of the gate with Sling, a $20/month service that featured ESPN and […]



The world is in mourning this week after the brutal terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday night. Personal note – I am not French but my three children attend the French-American School of Puget Sound in the Seattle area. I was at the school on Friday when the news started breaking on people’s phones and […]

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