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Developing Developers

Interesting rumors from Microsoft last week… The word on the street is that the upcoming Windows 10 release will for the first time include the Xbox platform in a common developer ecosystem. This would mean Microsoft is opening up the Xbox platform (traditionally limited only to approved game developers and a few hand-selected partners like […]


Networks As An Anachronism?

Eliminating the middleman has long been one of the tenets of the Internet revolution. While this formula has worked well in a range of industries from taxicabs (Uber) to lodging (Airbnb), it remains to be seen whether it can upend the conventional order of the entertainment industry. There are a number of startups now banking […]


Copying Originals

Two seemingly unrelated stories broke last week that are worth of comment. The first: Netflix continues to dramatically outspend the rest of its OTT competitors on content, with costs projected to top $5 billion by 2016. If true, this would be more than the 2014 content expenses of all other OTT services (including HBO) combined. […]


The Emperor Has No Clothes

There’s a fairly clear hierarchy in the world of apps: the ad-supported version is for apps you don’t use very often or don’t like enough to care if there’s a constant flow of banners interrupting them. But if an app proves compelling enough, you’ll gladly pay the dollar or five to get the ad-free version. […]


Approaching Escape Velocity, Captain

Sling TV has been very busy in the past month. Not content to sit on its laurels after its well-received launch at CES, Dish’s in-house OTT startup is aggressively trying to up its game. In the past 30 days, it has announced the addition of both Univision and AMC to the core $20/month package, as […]


The Emergence of Netflix 3.0

Netflix has become the poster child for how to successfully challenge — and change — the television industry. It has built its success with a content strategy that involves innovative original programming mixed with a much larger base of older network shows (we used to call them “reruns”). But that may all be about to […]


Second-Class Citizens

Well, another Super Bowl has come and gone. Congratulations to the Patriots and their fans. Out of sympathy for my fellow Seahawk fans, let’s just leave it at that and get to the important stuff: stream counts! NBC says it reached 1.3 million streams at the end of the game, which surpassed last year’s peak […]


Break On Through (To the Other Side)

TDG has been writing about the future of TV for a long time, and it appears that 2015 is (as forecast) setting up to be the year the future turns into the present. Exhibit A – This month NBC announced it would soon release daily digital primetime viewership estimates of TV shows airing the previous […]


The Real Target of Dish’s Sling TV

In this week’s Deadline Hollywood, David Lieberman points out that, while many assume that Dish’s new Sling TV service is aimed at Millennials – and Dish has done little to counter this perception – the stations featured in the basic tier have audiences whose demographics lean heavily towards Baby Boomers. Lieberman speculates that the potential […]


Winning the Battle, but Losing the War

I, like most of you, just returned from CES in Las Vegas. (And, like most of you, my feet need a few days to recover). This year’s technology extravaganza was bigger than ever. Having long since outgrown the Las Vegas Convention Center, there are now CES show floors spread throughout the city. Each year it […]


Honey, I Shrunk the Cable Package

As the barrage of announcements that defines the annual Consumer Electronics Show gets underway, Dish Networks trumped the early wave of press with the launch of its new Sling TV service. Despite what you might imagine given the operator and the name, Sling TV is a broadband-only video service – that is, it requires no […]

the interview

Cause Célèbre

Happy New Year! Though it is the last week of 2014 with most on holiday, it is impossible to not discuss the cultural phenomenon that is The Interview. Seth Rogen’s latest vanity piece (and the real-world drama it unleashed) seemed to touch on every cultural meme of our time. International incident? Check. Fanatical response by […]

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