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Binge-Watching Isn’t A Trend Anymore. It’s The Norm.

A new study released this week proclaimed that 92% of ‘consumers’ have binge viewed TV programs. That made for a lot of great headlines–there was, however, a giant footnote to that stat. It seems the study, conducted by TiVo, consisted solely of current TiVo users, who, given that they’re spending hundreds of dollars a year […]


Musical Chairs – Hulu, Showtime, and the Future of TV

At the end of April, Hulu dropped the ‘Plus’ from its name and elevated its $7.99/month subscription service to its core business. More surprising, starting in July Hulu will begin bundling Showtime’s new OTT service for an extra $8.99/month, less than Showtime’s own a la carte price of $10.99/month. What is going on here, and […]


The Answer To Ad Blocking Isn’t More Software

How to stop ad blocking software is one of the hottest topics in advertising these days. By some estimates, ad blockers are now being used by close to 40% of the browsing population, Millennials in particular. The fear is not just that the ads will go unseen by audiences, but that audiences will become far […]


‘You Take the Red Pill…’

You can learn a lot from science fiction. Back in 1999, the Matrix became a cult hit, as much for its visual effects as for its fin de siècle philosophizing about the nature of reality. ‘Bullet-time’ entered the pop culture lexicon to describe the combination of super-slow motion and a 360-degree camera view that wowed […]



The FCC announced on Wednesday that it plans to fine AT&T $100 million for “throttling” its customers. Throttling? While it may sound violent, it’s more malicious than life threatening. Throttling is the practice of slowing down the Internet speeds of customers, in this case those with “unlimited data” plans, who’ve exceeded the arbitrary (and unpublicized) […]


Picking Up the Pace

Adobe’s Q1 2015 Digital Video Report came out earlier this month and is once again a must-read. Adobe continues to own the TV Everywhere (TVE) market in the US, with over 300 TVE sites and apps using Adobe Pass to authenticate users against legacy pay-TV subscriptions. As a result, its survey of over 20-billion online […]


Crackle’s Seinfeld Strategy Is Definitely Not About Nothing

I read with great interest the recent announcement that Crackle, Sony’s free ad-based OTT TV network, would be launching Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series on Wednesdays at 11:30. The purpose is to allow the show to compete with other late-night talk shows, which air on linear TV at that time. Is this […]


You Complete Me

You can’t throw a rock these days without hitting an investment banker about to close another billion-dollar deal. This week’s rumors concern a potential merger between Dish Network and T-Mobile. While this merger seems far from a sure thing, it is potentially a great deal for both companies, and for two reasons. 1. Broadband is […]


Keeping PeriKat On The Up and Up

In the age of selfies and “citizen journalists,” it seems only natural that live streaming would become a trend. Over the years a number of companies have tried to make personal broadcast streaming a reality, but two newcomers appear to have succeeded: Meerkat and Periscope, the former a startup backed by the likes of actor […]

6-2-2015 Charter & TWC

Big is Beautiful

Much ado about the recently-announced Charter-Time Warner Cable merger. Following closely on the heels of the failed Comcast acquisition of TWC, Charter’s proposed deal would result in a strong #2 US MVPD (behind Comcast) with 20 million broadband customers. Conventional wisdom says such operator megamergers are inherently bad for OTT providers. Netflix itself has taken […]

AI-A View By Any Other Name-5-28-15

A View by Any Other Name

So just how long is a video view? For YouTube, it’s 30 seconds. For Facebook, it’s three seconds; which may well be why the social network was able to grow its daily video view count from one billion views per day in September 2014 to three billion in January 2015, and four billion in April […]

AI-Apple and Future of TV - 5-26-15

A Change Would Do You Good

An interesting piece in re/code last week about Apple’s ongoing TV efforts. Rumors suggest that Apple is trying to sign up the broadcasters (and their local affiliates) to join the new Apple TV service. This would explain in part why it is taking so long for the folks in Cupertino to launch their own branded […]

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