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The Shot Heard Round The World?

In TDG’s April 2015 report on OTT TV Advertising, we predicted that the artificial division between OTT and linear TV streams of the same broadcast would cease to exist within five years, at least for advertising purposes. Lo and behold, what should we see this week, but that CBS is going to run the same […]


It’s Inevitable. Consumer Choice and the Future of TV

Three events of interest took place in the last week. First, Comcast announced earnings and reported for the first time that it has more broadband customers than video subscribers. Put another way, broadband has well and truly become Comcast’s primary offer to the customer, with video evolving into an ancillary bundle element. Second, AT&T closed […]


VidCon – Ignore It At Your Own Risk

VidCon is taking place this week in Anaheim. What started out as a convention for teenage fans of YouTube stars has turned into one of the premier events of the entertainment industry, with 21,000 attendees, and sponsors like Kia, Taco Bell, Best Buy, Panasonic, and Canon. Media executives that ignore this conference do so at […]


Imperial Overstretch – ESPN and the Future of TV

Legacy pay-TV subscriptions in the US have peaked and are in slow decline. Broadcast viewing time is being ‘shaved’ by other screens and services, and ‘skinny bundles’ are popping up everywhere. Due to these and other factors, ESPN has lost 7.0 million subscribers since its peak in 2011, 3.2 million in the last year alone. […]


Is Stream Comcast’s Trojan Horse?

Stream, Comcast’s new virtual pay-TV service, has been causing quite a buzz in the industry this week. People seem confused by it, by the seemingly random set of features. This is why every conversation I’ve had about the service seems to start with “What do you think they’re really trying to do here?” And they’re […]


Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

The Comcast Stream announcement has inspired lots of commentary, but little enthusiasm. It is easy (almost too easy) to nitpick new services like this. Stream doesn’t let you watch on connected TV devices — definitely not a good thing. Outside of HBO, Stream doesn’t include ESPN or any other must-have cable channels in its skinny […]


Paying by the Drink – Taylor Swift, Amazon, and the Future of TV

New trends often form first on the periphery of an industry. In that spirit, two stories from adjacent industries caught my eye over the past few weeks. First was the launch of Apple’s new subscription streaming music service with a three-month free trial. As consumers would not be paying during this period, Apple told artists […]


Dog Days of Summer

This summer has witnessed an unusual phenomenon — two to be exact. The first: networks are launching a spate of new series during the summer months, which are usually consigned to reruns. The second: even though these new shows are debuting to some fairly dismal ratings, the networks appear blissfully unconcerned. In fact, USA Network […]


All You Can Eat – Quantity, Quality, and the Future of TV

Another new direct-to-consumer OTT service launched this past week, with Lifetime announcing its $4/month Movie Club, consisting of on-demand access to a rotating library of 30 original movies from its library. Regardless of one’s fondness for Lifetime original movies, this new take on the SVOD model raises interesting questions about the changing nature of value […]


Binge-Watching Isn’t A Trend Anymore. It’s The Norm.

A new study released this week proclaimed that 92% of ‘consumers’ have binge viewed TV programs. That made for a lot of great headlines–there was, however, a giant footnote to that stat. It seems the study, conducted by TiVo, consisted solely of current TiVo users, who, given that they’re spending hundreds of dollars a year […]


Musical Chairs – Hulu, Showtime, and the Future of TV

At the end of April, Hulu dropped the ‘Plus’ from its name and elevated its $7.99/month subscription service to its core business. More surprising, starting in July Hulu will begin bundling Showtime’s new OTT service for an extra $8.99/month, less than Showtime’s own a la carte price of $10.99/month. What is going on here, and […]


The Answer To Ad Blocking Isn’t More Software

How to stop ad blocking software is one of the hottest topics in advertising these days. By some estimates, ad blockers are now being used by close to 40% of the browsing population, Millennials in particular. The fear is not just that the ads will go unseen by audiences, but that audiences will become far […]

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