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Resource scramble: competitive behavior that occurs when a number of organisms utilize common resources that are in short supply. It’s the dog days of August, but the fall 2016 TV season is right around the corner. While doing some summertime reading, I stumbled upon the idea of the ‘resource scramble.’ Ecologists use this term to […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a Freemium Lunch

Hulu totally shut down the free AVOD portion of its service this past week. At the same time, it announced a new (but nonexclusive) distribution deal with Yahoo’s new View website to continue to provide a free outlet for select episodes of Hulu originals. What’s going on here? Although Hulu’s monetization model has been focused […]


Nutritional Supplements

Disney CEO Bob Eiger discussed plans for a new ESPN direct-to-consumer subscription service this week. Although details were a bit sparse, Mr. Eiger made it clear that the service will not be an online version of the core ESPN channels (or the live sports events thereon), but rather will provide access to content licensed by […]


Blame it on Rio

The 2016 Olympics kicked off this weekend with the opening ceremony and initial events from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As has been the case for decades now, NBC owns the exclusive US broadcast rights to the Olympics, which means the usual time-delayed, heavily-edited primetime coverage that we’ve all come to know and love (or hate). […]


Political Convention(al) Wisdom

Unless you’ve been spending your summer vacation backpacking deep in the wilderness, you’re well aware that the two major US political parties held their nominating conventions the past two weeks. The Republicans went first in Cleveland, followed by the Democrats this past week in Philadelphia. For decades now political conventions have been designed, produced, and […]

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The Grass is Always Greener

Verizon came up a winner in the long-running Yahoo sweepstakes this week, announcing that it will acquire the struggling Internet pioneer for $4.8 billion. It’s no secret that Yahoo turned over every possible rock in the course of this drawn-out process, soliciting offers from pretty much anyone and everyone with a real or imagined connection […]


Where’s the Growth?

Disappointing earnings announcements from both Dish Network and Netflix last week. Dish Network had a net loss of 281,000 subscribers (across both legacy satellite and the Sling TV broadband product) in the second quarter, while Netflix badly missed its subscriber growth markets, adding just 150,000 customers in the US (1.68 million worldwide) versus a forecast […]


More Than a Pet Rock

Amidst terror and tragedy the past two weeks, something fun and amazing happened. The world discovered Pokemon Go – a new augmented reality app that allows users to find and capture virtual Pokemon characters in real world locations using their smartphone cameras. In Internet terminology, this app has gone viral, taking off faster than anything […]


Better Late Than Never

Interesting news last week that Netflix and Comcast have come to an agreement to include a Netflix app on Comcast’s next generation X1 set-top box. Given that Netflix has been streaming since 2007, one might be forgiven for asking both parties what took so long? Now that it’s finally happening, however, what does it mean […]


Strange Days

Forrest Gump has nothing on me. Through sheer coincidence I spent the past two weeks on holiday in London. As anyone on the planet with a screen now knows, the UK voted via public referendum to leave the EU (i.e., ‘British Exit’ or Brexit). This, in turn, cost Prime Minister David Cameron his job and […]



The recent announcement by Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to support the same container format as Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is a reminder that putting together streaming video systems is complex. It may be tempting to draw the conclusion that HLS now supports DASH, and the industry has reached a single way to […]


History Has Its Eyes On You

Fascinating drama in Congress this week as Democrats staged a 1960s-style sit-in to protest the legislature’s inability to tackle gun violence. Regardless of how one feels about the politics of the issue, the way it played out on video was remarkable. The Republican majority cut off the main video feed to the floor of the […]

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