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The Brand Called Y’all: Paula Deen, Personal Brands, and the Future of TV

Combing through recent news, I came across the announcement from a few weeks back that Paula Deen – erstwhile Food Network celebrity chef known for her Southern cooking and occasional racist comments – is returning to work this September with a new subscription OTT service called “The Paula Deen Network.” Wow. Normally, most of us [...]


Netflix Continues To Show How OTT is Done, Amazon and Hulu Not So Much

Piper Jaffray released an interesting analysis last week with a quantitative look at the availability of top recent TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. According to Variety, Piper Jaffray found that Netflix is leading Amazon in content licensing by a “wide margin.” (Surprise.) These metrics illustrate the importance of architecting a quality [...]


The End of the Beginning: Google’s ‘Android TV’ and the Future of Television

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. (Winston Churchill) There was much discussion last week about Google’s Android TV, the company’s latest attempt to address the TV-as-an-app space, which is as interesting for what it isn’t as for what [...]


There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: Aereo, Free-to-Air, and the Future of TV

The SCOTUS ruled against Aereo last week, sounding the death knell for the service and sending the technology industry into a tizzy. By a 6-3 vote in an opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer, the court found that the Aereo service does indeed infringe the copyrights of TV broadcasters. Shocking? Not really. The end of [...]


All’s Fair in Love and War: T-Mobile, Amazon, and the Future of Net Neutrality

Happy summer! Two recent announcements caught my eye, both from companies based in the Seattle area, where I happen to live. First, Amazon announced that a purchase of its new Fire Phone will incorporate one year of Amazon Prime (which includes its Amazon Prime Instant View subscription video service), plus unlimited cloud photo storage, all [...]


Qplay Dumps Proprietary Hardware, Embraces App-only Video Service Strategy

Qplay – a company originally involved in an over-the-top TV and mobile video hardware/service offering – issued a June 17 press release highlighting the fact that its new iPad app could now “sling” or “cast” online video services to a TV using Google’s Chromecast stick. As well, it introduced several new personalization and social recommendation [...]


Rock, Paper, Scissors: Sony PlayStation TV, iSTBs, and the Future of TV

Sony announced this week that its $99 PlayStation TV would come to shore in the US, Europe, and Canada in Fall 2014. This device enters an increasingly crowded category that includes (among others) Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, various Roku devices, as well as Google’s Chromecast and Android TV devices. As I first predicted last [...]


Marissa’s Revenge: Yahoo, Google, and the Future of TV

Marissa Mayer left Google and took the reins at Yahoo two years ago this summer. Her first two years have focused on rebuilding the organization, shifting the product focus from PC to mobile, and unlocking the enormous value of its stake in Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba. Rumor now has it that Marissa is turning her [...]


4K Phones: Apple, Samsung, and the Future of 4K TV

A raft of new smart phones and tablets are rumored to be on the way over the next few months, including the Apple iPhone 6, the Apple iPad Pro, the LG G3, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Not much news there, right? Product cycles being what they are these days, a new crop of [...]


I Feel Old: YouTube, Twitch, and the Future of TV

Rumors this week that Google (via its YouTube group) is in talks to acquire (aka for roughly $1 billion. Excuse me? For those unfamiliar with Twitch, it consists of live streams of people playing video games. Yes, you read that correctly — watching someone else play a video game. See why I chose [...]


Back to the Future: AT&T, DirecTV, and the Future of TV

Huge news out this week with AT&T (finally) announcing its $48 billion acquisition of satellite pay-TV provider DirecTV. Wait a minute. Wasn’t broadband supposed to be the future of TV? Wasn’t AT&T supposed to launch an OTT service over its broadband network and make old school pay-TV services like DirecTV irrelevant? Obviously, the brave new [...]


Se Habla Español: Netflix, Spanish Language Content, and the Future of TV

Interesting report out last week that Netflix is developing a new Spanish language original series, a 13-episode comedy set in the world of professional soccer. I would say get ready for a high-end Mexican Telenovela-meets-HBO’s-Entourage. Why would Netflix invest significant dollars in a non-English language series, and why now? Two thoughts. 1. OTT is Becoming [...]

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