Blurred Lines: New comScore Numbers Confirm Video Market is Converging

Buried within the PR deluge of last week’s NAB was comScore’s February 2014 U.S. online video viewing numbers. For those who missed it, 49 billion videos were viewed at an average length of four minutes each. TDG Members will be happy to know these are in line with forecasts from TDG’s new report: 2020 Vision: [...]


Web TV Revisited

Web TV Revisited LG webOS, Opera TV, and the Future of TV This week, I’m turning away from the headlines to circle back and review some overlooked but interesting announcements of the past few months, specifically key developments in the TV app platform space. If you haven’t heard, the future of TV is an app. [...]


Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane Apple, Comcast, and the Future of TV Over the past few weeks, there have been extensive conversations around the Apple/Comcast discussions, especially as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Last week, my TDG colleague, Bill Niemeyer, summarized the primary issues in his Opinion piece entitled More Sound & Fury Signifying [...]


Apple & Comcast – More Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing?

Sunday, The Wall Street Journal created quite a stir with its report that Apple and Comcast were in talks regarding an Apple streaming TV service, using an Apple set-top box, which would carry live and on-demand television programming. The article said Apple is also talking to Comcast about doing the “last mile” delivery as a [...]


Everybody’s a Producer: Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBox, and the Future of TV

Sony announced this week that it is developing a new original TV series called Powers exclusively for the PlayStation Network. Setting aside whether the world really needs yet another supernatural crime drama, this is the clearest sign yet that Sony is (finally) serious about creating real synergy between Sony Pictures (the TV division will produce [...]

true detective

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – HBO Go, True Detective, and the Future of TV

The finale of HBO’s True Detective crime series ran Sunday night in the US. The highlight of the night was not Matthew McConaughey’s final performance as Detective Rust Cohle, but the fact that HBO Go’s servers crashed under the traffic load, causing many viewers to miss the big event entirely. Loyal TDG readers please feel [...]


Looks like the New Boss is the Same as the Old Boss: Dish, Disney, and the Future of Broadband TV

This week did not start well for me. First, on my Monday morning my coffee filter ripped, leaving me with both a mess and slightly chewy coffee. Then, my laptop insisted on two rounds of restarts to install a variety of updates, just so I could start my day. And then I learned Dish Network [...]


Let’s Just Be Friends – Comcast, Netflix, and the Future of TV

Recently saw a very interesting joint press release from Netflix and Comcast; this one so strange and interesting that it deserves being quoted at length. [The parties] today announced a mutually beneficial interconnection agreement that will provide Comcast’s U.S. broadband customers with a high-quality Netflix video experience for years to come. Working collaboratively over many [...]


The Mega Comcast/TWC Merger – What Does Mr. Malone Do Now?

When Comcast and Time Warner Cable announced their big merger last week, one of the first questions on my mind (and perhaps on yours, as well) was “How does this impact John Malone and what does he do now?” Mr. Malone, after all, was the catalyst for this merger. He was the first to try [...]


Going for the Gold: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and the Future of TV

As the US sports world continues watching athletes battle for gold in Sochi this week, Comcast gave the business world something to cheer (or jeer) at: a $44 billion proposed merger with Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable TV provider in the US (after Comcast itself). Subject to negotiations and review by the feds, [...]


Free for All: The Super Bowl, The Olympics, and the Future of TV Everywhere

Live sports have always helped drive record-shattering TV viewing, and this year’s Super Bowl was no different in that respect. Not only was it the most-viewed live TV broadcast in history, but it was streamed live by Fox without TV Everywhere authentication, resulting in the most popular live streaming sports event in history. An average [...]


‘Social TV’ is about Twitter, Little More – But TDG Members Knew That Already

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself… In the last week, you’ve likely seen a number of stories declaring, “Social TV is Dead” or “Broken.” Why? According to TIME’s Harry McCracken, when all is said and done, it seems that the ‘killer app’ for social TV is – get ready – Twitter. After all, “Twitter is [...]

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