Cheap Premium

Though HBO and CBS (rightly) dominated industry discussion last week, another worthy announcement was overshadowed. Netflix announced that new customers who want access to 4K content must sign up for its highest-tier $11.99/month plan, which also allows up to four simultaneous streams. The handful of brave souls already streaming 4K content from Netflix are grandfathered [...]


The Center Cannot Hold

A monumental announcement on Wednesday: HBO will launch a standalone HBO Go service in the US in 2015. After more than four decades of partnership with pay-TV operators, HBO has decided to break free and go after the 80 million US households that do not subscribe to HBO today. This new service will be delivered [...]


Hoop Dreams

Major news this week from the NBA, which announced new nine-year video distribution deals with ESPN (ABC-Disney) and Turner Sports (Time Warner). The deals will run from 2016 to 2025 and bring in some $2.6 billion a year for the NBA (nearly three times current revenue). This unique deal is a bold combination of old and [...]


Gone in 60 Seconds

Today the Redbox Instant video streaming service shuttered its doors. Formed in February 2012 and launched to the general public in March of 2013, the ill-fated joint venture between Verizon and Outerwall was originally intended to extend the RedBox brand – and its installed base of nearly 36,000 retail kiosks – into the online space. [...]


Day and Date

Interesting announcement this week between Netflix and the Weinstein Co. regarding the upcoming 2015 sequel to 2000’s epic martial arts movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Weinstein is producing the new movie, which is currently being filmed in New Zealand and slated for release in August of 2015. Remarkably, the movie will be released simultaneously to [...]


Us and Them: AT&T, Fullscreen Media, and the Future of TV

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi News this week that Otter Media, the broadband video joint venture formed earlier this year between AT&T and The Chernin Group, has agreed to purchase a majority interest in Fullscreen, an independent operator of YouTube channels. Founded [...]


The Little Dutch Boy

I just returned from the IBC conference in Amsterdam – excellent show and beautiful weather in one of the world’s most wonderful and unique cities. Only natural, then, that upon seeing news of Sony’s new deal with Viacom to license MTV and other Viacom channels for Sony’s upcoming OTT service, I was immediately reminded of [...]


Pay-TV’s Pandora’s Box

As fall approaches and the kids are finally back in school, I was reminded of a story from the summer that should not pass without comment. Back in June, the folks at Disney updated WatchESPN (ESPN’s ‘TV Everywhere’ app for iOS and Android) to support Chromecast (Google’s $35 streaming dongle for the TV). Seems like [...]


The Future of 4K is an App: Samsung, Netflix, and Amazon Lead the Way

News this week that Samsung continues to move ahead in its efforts to support a 4K/UHD ecosystem. Samsung’s Amazon Instant Video app on its 4K smart TVs will support UHD content – both Amazon originals and a few movies – on a worldwide basis starting in October. The company’s Netflix app supports 4K streaming of [...]


The Outwardly Expanding Sports Universe

Good news for college football fans! The new SEC Network launched last week, a new pay-TV network dedicated entirely to the athletic goings-on at the fourteen universities in the southeastern United States that make up the SEC conference. The venture inaugurates a new 20-year partnership between ESPN and the SEC conference. ESPN operates the network, [...]


A Fear of Commitment

Microsoft announced last month that it is shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios. Though it made the headlines for a day or two, few were able to grasp why Microsoft would make such a move. Even in the context of Microsoft’s massive layoffs (18,000 jobs) and cost cutting, this came as a surprise. Remember, it has [...]


Sorry, Wired, the Future of TV is Still an App

Debate is a healthy, beneficial activity. It is therefore no surprise to loyal TDG readers that I enjoyed reading Gary Myer’s recent piece in Wired in which he made a case as to why the future of TV is not an app. While I enjoyed reading it, I certainly didn’t agree with it (again, hardly [...]

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