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From Niche to Notable

Last week European broadband television operator Magine TV announced its app is now available on Chromecast in Sweden and Germany. For most of us in the states, this was just another in the growing list of companies using Chromecast as an app platform. Not insignificant, but not necessarily worthy of special attention. However, the announcement [...]


Make vs. Buy

Last week news leaked that HBO has decided to use major league baseball’s streaming platform, MLB Advanced Media, rather than its own in-house platform (known as ‘Project Maui’). This came as a major surprise to those within HBO and, in protest, the Company’s CTO, Otto Berkes, resigned, leaving the fate of Project Maui in question. [...]


Who Pays Whom?

As 2014 winds up, it is natural to not only take a step back – to better understand key trends of 2014 – but to look forward – to envision 2015 and beyond. In this light, it is interesting to note how many of the most important industry stories in 2014 related to the once-simple [...]


Your Move

One of the most interesting things about following today’s TV industry is seeing how different players react to one another’s moves. There is a multibillion-dollar chess match going on between the major players, which is both good for innovation and a lot of fun to watch. One move, in particular, that merits a more extended [...]


Surf City

Surf City Streaming Media West 2014 and the Future of TV I just returned from the Streaming Media West conference in Huntington Beach, California (aka Surf City, USA). Events like these tend towards the technical and are fairly well attended by the video Technorati, and have earned a well-deserved reputation as ‘the’ place to hear [...]


50 Shades of Grey

President Obama, still suffering from the mid-term election blues, came out this week with a (surprisingly) vigorous defense of net neutrality. Without pretense to political punditry, our Commander-in-Chief advanced a popular (and populist) position: a free and open Internet, a notion that ranks right up there with Mom and apple pie in terms of mass [...]


Missing the Boat

Lots of chatter last week about a proposed FCC initiative to broaden the definition of ‘MVPD’ to include online video distributors (OVDs) that deliver a linear stream of programming. Newly-defined OVDs would then have access to broadcast content under the FCC’s must-carry rules, and be required to negotiate retransmission consent with larger broadcasters that decline [...]


The Amazon Effect

Two announcements from Amazon this week that should give pause to anyone who thinks the future of TV is going to be easy. First, Amazon announced its results for Q3 2014 and they weren’t pretty. Despite 20% growth in topline revenue, the Internet retailing giant posted its largest quarterly loss to date, including a $170 [...]


Cheap Premium

Though HBO and CBS (rightly) dominated industry discussion last week, another worthy announcement was overshadowed. Netflix announced that new customers who want access to 4K content must sign up for its highest-tier $11.99/month plan, which also allows up to four simultaneous streams. The handful of brave souls already streaming 4K content from Netflix are grandfathered [...]


The Center Cannot Hold

A monumental announcement on Wednesday: HBO will launch a standalone HBO Go service in the US in 2015. After more than four decades of partnership with pay-TV operators, HBO has decided to break free and go after the 80 million US households that do not subscribe to HBO today. This new service will be delivered [...]


Hoop Dreams

Major news this week from the NBA, which announced new nine-year video distribution deals with ESPN (ABC-Disney) and Turner Sports (Time Warner). The deals will run from 2016 to 2025 and bring in some $2.6 billion a year for the NBA (nearly three times current revenue). This unique deal is a bold combination of old and [...]


Gone in 60 Seconds

Today the Redbox Instant video streaming service shuttered its doors. Formed in February 2012 and launched to the general public in March of 2013, the ill-fated joint venture between Verizon and Outerwall was originally intended to extend the RedBox brand – and its installed base of nearly 36,000 retail kiosks – into the online space. [...]

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