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Release Date: 2013 Q2
Author: Bill Niemeyer, Senior Analyst
Pages: 23
Price: $2,495

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The rollout of TV Everywhere is less than halfway complete on a subscriber-weighted basis due to business negotiation friction between the two parties who stand to benefit from TVE the most strategically – television networks and multichannel TV operators.

The announcement of TV Everywhere in 2009 was the first step in a much larger effort among pay-TV incumbents to address shifting consumer behavior. The fact that TVE is less than halfway deployed represents a tremendous lost opportunity for TV networks and multichannel TV operators, not to mention consumers.

TDG believes it is critical for TV networks and multichannel TV operators to resolve their business differences and move forward rapidly with TVE rollouts. It is extremely important both tactically and strategically for pay-TV incumbents to have a robust competitive offering in the rapidly expanding OTT marketplace.

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