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Release Date: 2015 Q2
Author: Joel Espelien
Pages: 43

The rapid diffusion of OTT video services is not limited to fully-developed television markets like the US. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Latin America. Despite the tremendous diversity among (even within) Latin American countries, the shared languages of Spanish and Portuguese have created an enormous ‘common market’ for video purveyors, especially those looking to exploit the growing use of broadband in this region.

Capitalizing on the immense opportunities of OTT video in Latin America requires a detailed understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and technological context in which OTT technologies and services will diffuse and compete. TDG’s new report provides offers precisely this  contextual treatment of the subject matter, including:

  • An assessment of current OTT video services in Latin America;
  • An examination of the drivers and inhibitors for OTT video in the region;
  • Forecasts for OTT video growth in Latin America over the next decade (2015-2025), including per-country use and revenue potential; and
  • Recommendations for key ecosystem participants based on our forecast.

This report is required reading for those looking to master the OTT video market in Latin America, and will be of particular interest to both US and Latin American content owners, telcos & broadband operators, and legacy broadcast and pay-TV providers.