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Release Date: 2014 Q3
Author: Joel Espelien
Pages: 45

Summary -

TV manufacturers and other video ecosystem participants are investing significant resources in building and marketing products that support high-resolution 4K video. But are the efforts premature? How close are we to a 4K entertainment world?

This report offers a fresh perspective on the future of 4K video, as well as potential ways to move forward for industry stakeholders. In it, Joel Espelien

  • Discusses the role of video resolution in a quantum viewing world. The focus is on the shift to on-demand streaming to a variety of screens, as well as the multiple “sweet spots” for video quality.
  • Provides a long-term forecast for the 4K video ecosystem in the US. The goal is to go beyond device shipments to understand the extent to which the video ecosystem will embrace 4K technology and at what pace.
  • Recommends the best to responses and adaptations to key industry stakeholders.