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Product Category: Broadband Media
Release Date: 2010 Q4
Authors: Vibha Pant
and Michael Greeson
Pages: 39
Exhibits: 29
Price: $995

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Today, approximately 4-in-10 broadband households own a home network, a penetration rate which has been relatively stable over the past few years, even as broadband diffusion has slowed. The good news is that many of these users have expressed a desire to upgrade their networks to “a more powerful home network that can handle my household’s media usage habits.”

This report identifies and describes various home network (HN) user segments within broadband households (BB HH). It profiles these user segments based on a variety of characteristics, including demographics, CE ownership and usage, HN tenure, and HN upgrade proclivities.

The three user segments being identified in this report are:

  • Media-Centric Users
  • Data-Centric Users
  • Hybrid Users

This report includes detailed findings from the TDG‘s latest primary consumer research study, Benchmarking the Connected Consumer.

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