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Product Category: Broadband Media
Release Date: 2011 Q2
Author: Michael Greeson,
Founding Partner, Research
Pages: 50
Price: $995

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On-demand video has historically been limited to older content that had long lost its sales luster, a reasonable strategy given high demand for new DVDs and record-breaking profits for Hollywood studios. But with DVD sales tanking and emerging channels (i.e., digital distribution) failing to make up for the revenue gap, a consensus is developing that distribution strategies must change, and soon.

This report explores two early release windows and evaluates consumer receptivity to purchasing or renting “premium” VoD titles at various price points—in particular, releases same-day and a week-after. Yes, these are very aggressive release windows, but if demand cannot be supported at these consumer-optimal release dates, it is unlikely to be supported for later releases given similar fees.

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