Product Category: Broadband Media
Release Date: 2011 Q2
Authors: Vibha Pant,
Contributing Analyst
and Michael Greeson,
Founding Partner, Research
Pages: 62
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Netflix, a leading over-the-top (OTT) video service provider, continues to rack up impressive subscriber gains, even as incumbent VoD efforts expand and new competitors enter the market. At the end of 2010, more than 20 million U.S. households paid at least $8 per month to access a widening variety of movies and TV shows on a widening variety of net-connected devices.

This report profiles Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ users. It identifies and describes the various Netflix Streamer segments based on their frequency of usage, and profiles the three user segments based on a variety of characteristics, including demographics, CE ownership and usage, Netflix streaming behavior, etc.

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Table of Contents

Key Findings
1.0 Project Overview
1.1 Purpose and Purview
1.2 Methodology
2.0 Identifying Netflix ‗Watch Instantly‘ Service Users
2.1 Preliminary Comments
2.2 Describing Netflix Streamers – Summary Characteristics and Personas
2.3 Distinguishing Streamer Segments
2.3.1 Light, Moderate and Heavy Streamers
2.3.2 Describing Streamer Segments – Summary Characteristics and Personas
3.0 Use of Netflix Streaming Service
3.1 Types of Devices Used
3.2 Satisfaction with the Service
3.3 Impact of Netflix Streaming on Regular TV Viewing Time
3.4 Impact of PayTV Operator provided Netflix-Like Streaming Service
4.0 CE Ownership among Netflix Streamers
4.1 TV Ownership
4.2 Non-Gaming Video Platform Ownership
4.3 Game Console Ownership
4.4 Portable/Mobile CE Device Ownership
4.5 Personal Computer Ownership
5.0 PayTV Services
5.1 Weekly TV Viewing
5.2 Percent of TV Time Spent Viewing DVR-Recorded Programs
5.3 TV Content Source Preferences
5.4 Home PayTV Services in Use
5.5 Value-Added PayTV Services Used
5.6 Monthly PayTV Expenses
5.7 Satisfaction with PayTV Services
5.8 Perceived Value of PayTV Services
5.9 Proclivity to Downgrade PayTV Service
5.10 Proclivity to Cancel PayTV Service
6.0 Online Video Viewing
6.1 Weekly Internet Usage
6.2 Weekly Online Video Viewing
6.3 Types of Online Video Viewed
7.0 Internet Connectivity and Usage
7.1 Internet Connected TVs
7.2 Devices Used to Connect TV to the Internet
7.3 Time Spent Watching Online Video on TV
7.4 Netflix Streaming on TV
8.0 Home Network Use
8.1 Presence of Home Networks in Netflix Streaming Households
8.2 Home Network Usage Profile
9.0 Demographic Profile of Netflix Streamers
9.1 Age
9.2 Age
9.3 Ethnicity
9.4 Educational Status
9.5 Marital Status
9.6 Annual Household Income
9.7 Children Living in the Home
9.8 Adults Living in the Home
9.9 Type of Primary Residence
9.10 Area of Residence
9.11 Tech Adopter Status

List of Exhibits
Exhibit 1 – Familiarity and Use of Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’
Exhibit 2 – Netflix Streamer Segments
Exhibit 3 – Devices Used to Access Netflix Streaming Service
Exhibit 4 – Satisfaction with Netflix Service
Exhibit 5 – Impact of Netflix streaming on regular TV viewing time
Exhibit 6 – Impact of PayTV Operator offering Service Similar to Netflix Streaming
Exhibit 7 – TV Ownership
Exhibit 8 – Average TV Ownership (units/HH by segment)
Exhibit 9 – Non-Gaming Video Platform Ownership
Exhibit 10 – Game Console Ownership
Exhibit 11 – Portable/Mobile CE Device Ownership
Exhibit 12 – Average Portable Device Ownership (units/HH by segment)
Exhibit 13 – Personal Computer Ownership
Exhibit 14 – Average PC Ownership (units/HH by segment)
Exhibit 15 – Weekly TV Viewing Hours
Exhibit 16 – Average Weekly TV Viewing (Hours/week by segment)
Exhibit 17 – Percent of TV Time Spent Viewing DVR-Recorded Programs
Exhibit 18 – Average Weekly ‗TV Time‘ Spent Viewing DVR-Recorded Programs
Exhibit 19 – First Content Preference for TV
Exhibit 20 – PayTV Service Subscriptions
Exhibit 21 – Additional PayTV Services Used
Exhibit 22 – Monthly PayTV Expenses
Exhibit 23 – Satisfaction with PayTV Services
Exhibit 24 – Perceived Value of PayTV Services
Exhibit 25 – Proclivity to Downgrade PayTV Services
Exhibit 26 – Reasons for Proclivity to Downgrade PayTV Services among Streamer Segments
Exhibit 27 – Proclivity to Cancel PayTV Services
Exhibit 28 – Reasons for Cancelling PayTV Services among Streamer Segments
Exhibit 29 – Weekly Internet Usage
Exhibit 30 – Average Weekly Internet Use (hours/week by segment)
Exhibit 31 – Weekly Online Video Viewing
Exhibit 32 – Average Weekly Online Video Viewing (hours/week by segment)
Exhibit 33 – Types of Online Video Viewed
Exhibit 34 – Internet Connected TVs
Exhibit 35 – Devices Used to connect TV to the Internet
Exhibit 36 – Time Spent Watching Online Video on TV
Exhibit 37 – Average Net-to-TV Viewing (hours/week by segment)
Exhibit 38 – Netflix Streaming on TV
Exhibit 39 – Average Net-to-TV Hours Spent Viewing Netflix (hours/week by segment)
Exhibit 40 – Home Network Ownership
Exhibit 41 – Home Network Usage Profile
Exhibit 42 – Gender
Exhibit 43 – Age
Exhibit 44 – Age and Netflix Streaming Status
Exhibit 45 – Ethnicity
Exhibit 46 – Educational Status
Exhibit 47 – Marital Status
Exhibit 48 – Household Income
Exhibit 49 – Number of Children at Home
Exhibit 50 – Number of Adults at Home
Exhibit 51 – Type of Residence
Exhibit 52 – Type of Area of Residence
Exhibit 53 – Tech Adopter Status