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Release Date: 2016 Q1
Author: Joel Espelien, Senior Advisor
Pages: 34

Only five years ago, PCs accounted for 98% of all online video viewing in the US. Today, the device mix is dramatically different, as is the source and service mix.

Utilizing TDG’s long history of predicting the future of TV and video consumption, and mining new research on the subject, this report extends our proprietary forecast model through 2025. As well, it:

  • Compares original forecasts for 2015 with actuals;
  • Forecasts video viewing minutes for 2016-2025 by source, service, and device.
  • Analyzes all viewing forecasts by age cohort (<5 to 65+); and
  • Discusses strategic implications and recommendations for key stakeholders.

Understanding the impending shifts in viewing behavior is arguably the most critical issue facing strategists – be they guiding networks, service providers, or technologists.

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