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Release Date: 2012 Q3
Author: Bill Niemeyer, Senior Analyst
Pages: 44
Price: $2,495

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In April 2010, Apple introduced the iPad and started what is widely considered a revolution in consumer media consumption, selling 84 million units worldwide in slightly over two years. Since that time, tablets based on Google’s Android operating system have been introduced from companies including Amazon, Asus, Motorola, and Samsung and are today gaining market share.

The impact of this young platform on the business of media has been significant. This is especially true for television and Over-the-Top (OTT) video, as pad-based video viewing and the use of second-screen apps introduce new use cases for consumers, content providers, and advertisers; offering Internet-connected single-screen and second-screen models that define new consumer experiences as well as new business opportunities.

This report will examine:
– The history of today’s media tablet landscape and its key participants;
– Today’s landscape for apps for TV- and OTT-related use including single- and secondscreen
– Key tablet apps from OTT providers, TV networks, multichannel TV operators, and thirdparty enterprises; and
– Key consumer data on tablet ownership and use among adult broadband users (ABUs) from TDG’s exclusive consumer surveys.

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