A Detailed Examination of Consumer Use of TV & Video Services and Apps

As consumers exert greater control over when, where, and on what screen they view professional-produced long-form programming, we are reminded of certain core concepts of quantum mechanics — namely, the absence of absolute place or time (due to mobility and time-shifting) and the Quantum-Video-2012relevance of context in framing the terms and experience of video engagement (which speaks the opportunities and challenges of personalization and contextualization). These are among the reasons that TDG refers to contemporary video experiences as being quantum in nature.

Our studies of quantum video behavior studies examines how adult broadband users engage — and prefer to engage — both legacy and broadband video services and applications, as well as the platforms and features that enable new types of engagement. These research touches on a number of topics relevant to companies active in the TV and video value chain, including:

  • Diffusion and Internet connectivity rates of key video platforms;
  • Video viewing behavior by platform, including in-home and mobile platforms;
  • Video viewing behavior by conduit (legacy vs. online) serving each platform;
  • Types and frequency of programming engaged on each platform;
  • Use of legacy TV and online FVOD, TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD services;
  • Appeal of new broadband-enabled TV/video services;
  • Ancillary apps used to engage video by platform; and
  • Other topics key to understanding contemporary video consumption.

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