The mantra of “if you build TV Apps, they will come” is creating an environment of confusion and fragmentation. The successful implementation of TV App strategies requires a deep knowledge of what consumers truly want. Adding new layers of complexity, there is a rising demand for social integration as both a discovery tool and a shared experience. This is not simply Facebook or Twitter on the TV. It is, instead, a new level of engagement (be it on the TV itself or from a second screen) offering the industry new opportunities, as well as creating possible pitfalls.

To help companies navigate this shifting landscape, TDG will soon launch a new study examining consumer desires and expectations surrounding TV Apps and Social TV features. This study will be an update to our existing research testing the market viability of several possible TV App categories. As such, it will build on the knowledge base of our previous release, creating a more comprehensive resource from which companies can accurately gauge the consumer mindset and proceed accordingly. The newest edition of the TV App-titudes study will focus primarily on consumer usage of, and attitudes towards, emerging Smart TV applications, app markets and device interactivity. It will also explore the usage, perception and impact of social platforms in the TV space.

Since its early inception, TDG Research has covered the inevitability of the “app” migration to the consumer electronics space – accurately predicting the timing of its arrival and pending maturity. We continue to identify many of the emerging market opportunities.

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