Given pervasive broadband access and the rapid diffusion of network-enabled consumer electronics, consumers are beginning to enjoy unprecedented access to digital media on their terms — any content, any conduit, any context. Undoubtedly, the shift will disrupt established business and consumption dynamics (the impact of which is already being felt by Hollywood and Wall Street). Then again, it will also present vast opportunities for those companies who can master this new universe. Creative destruction at its best!

This quantitative research project is specifically intended to help companies identify¬†target consumers and quantify market opportunities. In mid-winter of each year, TDG designs and fields a primary consumer study of 1,500 U.S. adults who currently subscribe to a residential broadband service. This survey ¬†examines a wide variety of issues focused on the ecosystem of the “connected home” and “connected consumer,” including questions related to but not limited to the following:

  • What types of consumer electronic devices are owned by the connected consumer, both mobile and in-home?

  • Which consumer TVs and devices, by room, are connected to the Internet?
  • How frequently and in what way are these devices used for engaging media?

This study generates deep intelligence on an evolving market space fraught with uncertainty; an industry undergoing quantum shifts now redefining the entire media value chain. Companies active in the design, manufacture, or sale of digital consumer electronics or digital media must understand how the diffusion of network-capable video platforms will impact their business.

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