Blending the expertise of our advisors with the insights of deep quantitative research, TDG has developed a concise vision of the how the future of TV and video will evolve over the next three to five years.

Such knowledge is relevant to a great many companies, but those that work closest with TDG fall into to three categories:

Product and Technology Vendors

TDG helps product and technology companies understand what consumers want to buy, what features must be offered, and what price they will pay; providing real-world market forecasts and specific product and service strategies. From product concept to market entry; to distribution, positioning, and messaging, TDG’s advisors will help ensure your product or service is ready for the real consumer market.

Content Companies

Developing new content distribution channels in the digital age means balancing a razor’s edge between building new markets and cannibalizing existing ones. TDG can help you the address the challenges of a multi-screen, multi-conduit world, and to define a clear point at which each new distribution channel becomes economically viable.

Service Providers

Video service providers of all kinds are facing difficult challenges, in both the residential and mobile markets. For incumbents, costs of programming continue to skyrocket even as former partners (content studios) are launching their own direct-to-consumer apps. For upstarts, gaining cost-effective access to compelling content has proven difficult and even undermined well-funded efforts. Navigating this landscape is no easy task, and TDG’s staff is well versed at doing just that: helping service providers of all kinds take advantage of emerging consumer trends by creating applications and services defined by these trends.

For more information about how TDG’s team can help your company address existing and emerging strategic challenges, please contact Michael Greeson at