Since 2004, TDG hasĀ given residence to some of the brightest minds in TV and video. And during that time, industry leaders have called upon our analysts time and again to aid in strategic and tactical decisions. We’ve long predicted how this space would evolve, and we’ve been right, thus making our senior analysts some of the most sought-after thought leaders in the business.

Product and Technology Vendors

TDG helps product and technology companies understand which devices, services, and applications consumer will buy; the features that must be offered; and the price they will pay. From product concept to market entry; to distribution, positioning, and messaging, TDG’s advisors will help ensure your solution is ready for the consumer market.

Content Developers

Content networks must today traverse a razor’s edge between building new audiences and cannibalizing existing ones. TDG can help address the challenges of a multi-screen, multi-conduit world, and to define a clear point at which each new distribution channel becomes economically viable.

Service Providers

Whether incumbent or OTT (or a hybrid of the two), video service providers are facing difficult challenges. Costs of programming continue to skyrocket even as content providers launch their own direct-to-consumer apps. Navigating this quantum landscape is no easy task. TDG’s consultants are well versed at doing just that: helping service providers create compelling, cost-effective applications and services best suited for diffusion.

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