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Barack Obama Expresses Concerns About Tight 2024 Race Against Trump, Strategically Supports Biden, Say Trusted Allies

As the 2024 presidential race looms on the horizon, those closest to Barack Obama are sounding the alarm, expressing growing apprehension about the potential return of former President Donald Trump. 

Simultaneously, President Joe Biden’s campaign is working to address concerns within the Democratic Party.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, often regarded as Obama’s political counterpart, voiced deep concerns about the potential “incalculable damage” to the country should Trump secure victory in November. 

When asked if Obama shares this viewpoint, Holder emphatically affirmed, stating, “Absolutely. I don’t think it’s a question about that.” Holder believes this motivation drives Obama and will continue to do so.

During a recent podcast interview, Michelle Obama disclosed her anxieties about the election’s outcome, stating that she is “terrified” about what lies ahead.

Current polls show Trump leading Biden, intensifying worries among Democrats, particularly those celebrating the 15th anniversary of Obama’s historic win. 

Some Democrats fear Trump’s potential return to power and emphasize the need for Biden’s campaign to resonate strongly with progressive and independent voters.

David Axelrod, a personal friend and adviser to Obama, raised eyebrows last year by suggesting Biden drop out of the race. 

However, those close to Obama clarified that Axelrod’s views are personal and don’t represent the former president’s stance.

This situation has spotlighted Obama, who actively engages with Biden on the race’s dynamics. 

Sources close to the former president reveal that he is increasingly tasked with supporting Biden, especially as polling indicates challenges with key demographics like Black, Hispanic, and younger voters.

Despite conflicting opinions among Obama alumni, there is an underlying concern as the 2024 election approaches. Obama’s office acknowledges the stakes and outlines a strategy focused on “driving impact” by strategically choosing moments to “move the needle.” 

Senior advisor Eric Schultz emphasized Obama’s commitment to finding creative ways to reach new audiences, leveraging tools for mobilizing voters.

Obama perceives the 2024 race as having significant structural advantages favoring Republicans, marked by escalating polarization, loyal Trump supporters, and a Trump-friendly conservative online ecosystem. 

He consistently communicates the perceived dangers of Trump’s reelection to fellow Democrats, including Biden.

Holder stressed that Obama’s deepening concern is evident in his close involvement with Biden and the campaign’s early stages. 

He emphasized that Obama is poised to play a pivotal role as a primary advisor to the campaign, offering both campaign support and strategic counsel.

As the political landscape evolves, Obama remains committed to influencing the course of the 2024 election, actively engaging with Biden and contributing his insights to the campaign’s decision-making process.