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Brad Lea Net Worth: Education, Career, Wife & More

Brad Lea net worth is estimated to be roughly $30 million, but this figure only tells part of the story. He has created successful businesses, though he overcame massive hurdles. 

Brad Lea is a social media personality, entrepreneur, and author. He’s a role model, father, and husband. 

We’ll discuss all you need to know regarding Brad’s net worth, family, business, and other important information here. Keep reading for more!

Who Is Brad Lea?

Brad Lea is a popular figure in the business world. He has nurtured several businesses of his own and helped tons of others scale through hurdles via his consultancy services.

Brad is an entrepreneur, social media personality, and author. He’s a sales expert and enjoys dishing out business tips to his ever-increasing followers on social media. 

He’s a famous entrepreneur and founder of Brad Lea Enterprise, a firm established to render business consulting services. He has also invested in several businesses over the years. 

Brad’s success in business is evident for all to see. His success has made top media houses like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider approach him for interviews. 

Brad Lea: A Star Was Born

Brad was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon, on November 9, 1969. He was born into an Oregon family that wasn’t super rich. 

So, Brad Lea wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Instead, he was born into a middle-class family. 

Unfortunately, Brad’s life took a twist when his parents divorced. His father left the house, leaving Brad, his siblings, and his mother to fend for themselves. 

When the divorce occurred, Brad’s mother had a baby and three children. So, it took a lot of work for her to cater to the kids. She had to send Brad and his siblings to the orphanage home while she kept the baby. 

Brad was only two years old when his parents divorced. So, there was no way he could fend for himself. His mother didn’t have the means to cater to him and his siblings. 

Brad’s paternal grandmother wasn’t happy with how his parents abandoned them in the orphanage home. She knew the kids could be lost to the system if nothing was done. 

This forced her to prevail on her son, Brad’s father, to take the kids off the orphanage home, which he did. Brad and his family moved to Eugene, Oregon, when he was 14. 

In most people’s view, Brad Lea’s childhood was tough, but that isn’t how he sees it. He sees challenges in life as a stepping stone to the next phase. 

So, Brad believes he had a great childhood, though he claimed his father wasn’t hands-on. Nevertheless, he believes his father loved him in his way. 

Brad Lea Education: Did He Attend College?

Brad didn’t attend college. He even dropped out of school at 14 to pursue his acting dream. 

Today, Brad believes not going to college is a blessing. It enabled him to learn and amass so much business knowledge. 

In his words, “I started hustling and learned the hard way. Most people went to school, but I dropped out. Looking back, I can only say that it was a blessing.”

Brad Lea is a self-made entrepreneur and one of the top business leaders in the world. He’s a sales expert. He gained his knowledge via real-world experiences and on-the-job learning. 

His passion for personal development and professional growth also helped make him one of the leading voices in the business world.

Brad Lea: The Early Days of An Entrepreneur  

The early days of an entrepreneur in the making are tough. And it is more challenging for entrepreneurs yet to discover themselves. 

Unfortunately, Brad probably never thought he would become a successful entrepreneur later in life from age 16. He had a different dream at 16. 

What was Brad Lea’s first dream? He dropped out of school because he wanted to be a movie star. He pursued the career for over six months but failed to make progress. 

At 17 years old, Brad picked an interest in the Forest Service. He wanted to be a hero who put out fire and rescue hikers from the forest. He was looking for a job that would make him famous but soon realized that the Forest Service was a different kind of job. 

The job involves heavy lifting and manual labor that Brad would probably have done satisfactorily. But the fact that he would probably get little to no recognition killed his passion for the job. And that was the end. He quit the job the same day he resumed.

Luckily, Brad stumbled on a local company’s advert. They were looking for a car salesman. He couldn’t turn the job down as he was broke. He decided to give it a shot and quickly realized he had found his dream job. 

In 2020, Brad spoke about his first sales job for the local car company. He claimed he didn’t see it as a job but a business. He made more money than other salespeople working for the company within 12 months with them.

Brad’s performance for the local car company was remarkable. At 18, he ventured into sales of arts and vacuums. 

Brad Lea: Preparing For Fatherhood

Being a father is a blessing and comes with unique responsibilities. Fortunately, only those who have prepared themselves can handle those responsibilities. 

Brad became a father at such a young age. He was 17 when his first child was born. 

Brad was broke and had no vision when his first child was born. He wasn’t ready to father a child financially, emotionally, and otherwise. 

Brad had his second child with his girlfriend at 19, and the experience was like the first. He was not ready and wasn’t financially stable then. 

He said he was only present in his children’s life when they were 12 and 14. He claimed he knew he had been away for a long time and had to make up for lost time. 

Brad’s ability to accept his mistakes as a father and willingness to learn helped him improve as a person. He loved learning and amassed so much business knowledge.  

Brad was already a bit older and more mature when his other children were born. He was 26 years old when his third child was born and 28 years old when the fourth was born. 

Brad had other children after his third and fourth child. His daughters were born in 2020. In total, he currently has seven kids. 

Brad Lea Wife: The Happy Family

Brad Lea got married in his mid-40s. By then, he already had four children. He married Melissa Renee, a woman with the intelligence and innovativeness he was looking for. 

The couples have never ceased to share their admiration for each other when they have the chance. They have deep and genuine respect for one another. 

Brad is a great husband and father. He’s so passionate about Melissa’s work that he has never asked her to quit for one reason or the other. And this has made their bond grow stronger. He lets Melissa do whatever she likes as long as it makes her happy. 

Brad and Melissa are also heavily involved in philanthropy. Both couples donate to worthy causes whenever the opportunity presents itself. They have succeeded in building a strong bond in their marriage, marked by friendship, professional and personal growth. 

Both couples pursue separate goals but consistently support each other when they have the chance. Melissa has her goals and hectic schedule, just like Brad, but she never misses a chance to cheer him up. 

She believes in Brad’s goals, and Brad believes in hers. This gives them the freedom to grow stronger in love and respect for one another.    

Brad and Melissa have been together for over two decades. Interestingly, the couples knew from the beginning that their family would comprise daughters. 

How Much Brad Lea Makes Annually

Brad is the CEO and chairman of LightSpeed VT and has been working there since 1999, meaning he has dedicated over two decades to the company. 

In any corporate setting, an employee who has been with a company for over two decades deserves to be a millionaire. In this case, Brad is the founder of LightSpeed VT. He established the company in 1999, hoping to revolutionize online education globally. 

There are claims that Brad earns around $15,000 to $30,000 monthly from his company. This amounts to approximately $360,000 per year. 

Besides LightSpeed VT, Brad has other means of making money. He’s an active investor and has invested in several businesses. 

He has a Podcast called “Dropping Bomb,” where he dishes out information on different sectors. He covers real estate, marketing, and leadership. Thousands of people tune in to listen to Brad speak because he has the experience and knowledge that makes him an authority in the business world. 

Besides the Podcast, Brad has a YouTube channel named “Brad Lea TV,” which rakes in thousands of dollars annually. The channel is young, but he makes around $40,000 yearly from ad money. Of course, the ads YouTube displays on his page. 

A Handy Tip: Brad Lea’s Podcast “Dropping Bomb” is a must-visit for entrepreneurs. He provides information that can help aspiring entrepreneurs or those seeking to take their businesses to the next stage to do so. 

One thing that makes his Podcast unique is that he’s one of many speakers. He brings experts from various fields to speak and equip entrepreneurs with the information they need to advance their businesses.

Brad Lea’s Parents: Who Are They?

There isn’t much information about Brad’s parents in the public domain. We know that his dad tried partnering with his uncle to start a business, and Brad was born into a middle-class family. 

His parents divorced when he was two years old, which completely changed his life. Information about his biological parents is private. 

Brad Lea’s First Wife: Who Is She?

Brad once dated a woman who gave him five kids. Again, like his parents, there is little information about his first partner. The best we know is that he has five kids from his first relationship with a mystery woman. 

A Handy Tip: Brad’s marriage to Melissa Renee is the one the world knows. He has been with her for decades, and both are in love. The marriage has produced two beautiful daughters, which Brad isn’t afraid to show off. However, the names of his daughters are unknown. 

Brad Lea: Weight And Height

Brad Lea weighs 95 kg and boasts an admirable physical appearance. He looks well-built and has a great smile on his face. Furthermore, he’s 6 feet and 1 inch tall. 

Brad Lea: Net Worth And Bio

Here is a quick summary of Brad’s bio, net worth, and business portfolio. 

NameBrad Lea
Date of BirthNovember 9, 1969
Birth PlaceCottage Grove, Oregon
EducationCollege Drop out
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
ProfessionEntrepreneur, investor, author, and social media personality
Net Worth$30 million


Brad Lea net worth is $30 million, though while some believe he’s worth more, others think he’s worth far less. 

Brad’s parents separated when he was just two years old, making things challenging for him. Things could have worsened if his father had left him and his siblings in the orphanage home. 

Today, Brad is a role model for entrepreneurs around the world. He has successful businesses and has invested in several others, too. He has a Podcast and YouTube channel where he provides information and tips to help businesses grow. 

He’s married to Melissa Renee and is deeply in love with her. They have two beautiful daughters together.