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Briley Hussey Net Worth: How Much Is The Songwriter Worth?

Briley Hussey’s worth, the spouse of American country rock performer Marcus King, is frequently asked. She is also an accomplished vocalist with a substantial social media following.

Marcus, her spouse, is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist. His primary responsibility is to perform as the lead vocalist for The Marcus King Band, a South Carolina-based southern rock/blues ensemble.

Her friendship with Marcus, the main singer of the rock band, contributed to her rising stardom. Since launching her music career in 2016, Briley Hussey has released several compositions demonstrating her talent. 

In addition to her compositions, her rendition of the United States national anthem garnered considerable interest, particularly at a Donald Trump campaign event in 2015. Let’s find out more about Briley Hussey.

Early Life and Career

She was born on July 14, 1991, and raised in Kingston, North Carolina, United States of America. Brian and Johni Hussey, the parents of Briley Hussey, are Kinston residents. She has two brothers, Grayson and Lane.

She holds both of her parents in high regard and attributes to them her stunning good looks, passion for athletics, and determination to succeed as a singer.

Brian Thomas Husseym, the father, comes from Louie Pollock Road in La Grange, North Carolina, where he resides.

Although he does not have a social media account and is 63, his daughter adores and dramatically respects him. 

He conveyed his enthusiasm for NASCAR and sports via Briley, an influence that the singer has subsequently embraced, appearing at football and NASCAR events alike.

She was a student at East Carolina University from 2009 to 2013. She participated in extracurricular activities and was an active member of the East Carolina University Society and the Sigma Sigma Sigma fraternity while in high school. 

Briley holds a master’s degree in interpersonal communication. Briley is a social media celebrity, performer, and Bank of America project manager. 

She began her vocal career for the Kinston Indians and the Durham Bulls in Kinston, North Carolina. 

She also performed at athletic events hosted by East Carolina University and North Carolina State University. 

Professional Achievements

Upon her 2013 college graduation, Insight Global immediately engaged Briley as a Technical Recruiter. 

She would not remain in this position for long, as she would be relocating to Adams Financial in January 2014 to begin a position as communications coordinator.

Following five months, she would also resign from this position. She would transition careers in February 2015, beginning employment as a Project Coordinator at Centerline Digital.

However, she commenced her professional career as an Associate Project Manager at LexisNexis, a company specializing in data analytics.

Her tenure at this organization would extend for four and a half years until July 2019. She held positions in numerous fields throughout this period, including customer solutions, data analysis, sales, and more.

The work would be beneficial, and Briley would earn sufficient funds to pursue her true passion, music. 

Between 2017 and 2019, Briley released three albums annually during the latter half of the 2010s. This occurred during his employment at LexisNexis.

The debut single would be XO, which she would distribute on February 3, 2017. The third release would be TOXIC, scheduled for March 31, 2021. The subsequent publication would be Yellow, scheduled for February 18, 2019.

Although none of the tracks achieved chart success or widespread acclaim, they all garnered significant play counts on Spotify. Yellow, her subsequent single, surpassed 10,000 views.

Briley’s musical aspirations peaked with these tracks, which commenced in 2011 when she uploaded her initial core composition to YouTube.

Although video uploading is no longer feasible on YouTube, the channel continues to amass a subscriber count of over 1.05K. 

The most recent video depicts Hussey performing the National Anthem at a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Income Streams

Approximately $2 million of Briley’s wealth is attributable to her professional career. She frequently uploads videos of herself singing to her TikTok account.

In addition, Briley has been a project manager at Bank of America since March 2021. Following her July 2019 employment with Payment Us, she remained until March 2021, one year and nine months.

Between March 2015 and July 2019, Briley held the position of Associate Project Manager at LexisNexis. Former employers of hers include Pirate Radio 1250 & 930, Insight Global, Adams Financial, and Centerline Digital.

Breakdown of Briley Hussey Net Worth

Additionally, Briley Hussey has appeared in impact, performing, and fashion. Her diligence, Instagram modeling, and collaborations with numerous fashion lines would earn her substantial money. 

Even though she has not disclosed her net worth, it is always estimated her net worth is about $2 million. 

Conversely, Marcus King is a renowned country vocalist who maintains an active lifestyle. In addition to a healthy family, he is also extremely wealthy.

Comparison of Briley Hussey Net Worth to Industry Averages

Not only has the renowned vocalist, songwriter, and performer Beyoncé achieved immense fame, but she has also amassed a substantial fortune through her endeavors.

Beyoncé has amassed immense wealth and prominence in the music industry by her extraordinary talent, astute business acumen, and diligent effort.

According to Forbes, Beyoncé currently has an estimated net worth of USD 800 million, indicating that she is approaching billionaire status. Since her eighth birthday, Beyoncé has been producing music.

The Grammy recipient, who is 42 years old, has permeated all facets of popular culture, including music, television, film, streaming, and fashion.

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift’s net worth exceeds $740 million. From her compositions and other business dealings, she earns $150 million annually. 

Since her instantaneous rise to fame, Swift has appeared in advertisements for Capital One, Keds, CoverGirl, and Diet Coke. She also has a record-promotion contract with Target, XFinity, AT&T, Walmart, and Apple Music.

Swift’s performances generate the majority of her income. According to a report by Business Insider, Swift’s Fearless Tour, her debut performance tour, grossed $75 million in 2008 and 2009. 

In 2015, her 1989 World Tour generated the most revenue of any tour. From 38 performances in 2018, Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour grossed $345 million, or approximately $9 million per show. 

This achievement positioned the U.S. stadium tour at its highest-earning level ever. Roughly twenty years ago, Rihanna resided in Barbados as an ordinary student. She is currently one of the world’s wealthiest ladies. 

The singer has amassed a substantial fortune through her business affairs and singing career. Numerous authoritative websites, including Forbes, estimate that Rihanna’s net worth will approach $1.7 billion by 2023.

Rihanna released her debut album, Music of the Sun, at seventeen. Subsequently, she has released eight studio albums and accumulated fourteen number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

The success of her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line accounts for most of Rihanna’s estimated net worth. 

Rihanna ranked twenty-first on Forbes’ 2022 list of the wealthiest self-made women in the United States. She became one of the earliest female self-made billionaires.

Public Image and Personal Life

Additionally, the renowned North Carolina singer is well-known on social media. She frequently posts videos of herself and Marcus singing on TikTok, with a following of over 58,000 individuals. 

Her Instagram account demonstrates that Briley enjoys traveling. She documents events in stadiums and additional locations.

Marcus shared one of his recollections in a PEOPLE interview. He related how he encountered Briley, his future wife while riding the bus. According to him, the moment he saw her on the bus, he fell “deeply” in love with her. 

After proposing to Briley, Marcus demanded that she resign from her position the following morning. Following their initial encounter, he called her a “little bird.” 

They became engaged in February 2022, and Briley posted numerous images of the ring with the caption “Mrs. King sure has a nice ring to it” on social media.

Social media pages are filled with numerous photographs of the couple together. Marcus has shared images of Briley on social media platforms. The ceremony took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

Marcus, her spouse, is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist. His primary responsibility is to perform as the lead vocalist for The Marcus King Band, a South Carolina-based southern rock/blues ensemble.

She began composing music in 2013. Regarding academia, the songstress attended East Carolina University for her first year of college from 2009 to 2013. She was an engaged student who participated in numerous extracurricular activities.

For instance, she was a member of the CommCrew of the East Carolina institution and the Sigma Sorority.

Briley completed her collegiate education with a degree in Communications, indicating that the subject matter significantly impacted her major. 

From December 2011 to June 2013, she interned at Pirate Radio 1250 and 930 while attending college. 

Her husband, Marcus, boasts of being a Grammy nominee. His album from 2020, El Dorado, was nominated for the 63rd Grammy Award for Best American Record on March 14, 2021.

Country-born Briley is an avid sports fanatic, particularly of American football and NASCAR. In addition, she enjoys swimming, stalking, and fishing. She adores her nation tremendously.

Due to her patriotism, she has performed the national anthem at numerous sporting events. In March 2020, the most prominent occurred at the Bojangles’ Coliseum. She enjoys dressing up and flaunting her feminine side to thousands of admirers.


Briley Hussey net worth is a testament of her proficiency in numerous areas and maintains a diverse range of occupations. 

In addition to being a project manager at Bank of America, she is also a musician with a substantial social media following.

Briley began her career as a professional singer in Kinston, North Carolina. She would perform the national anthem for the Kinston Indians, the Durham Bulls, North Carolina State University, and East Carolina University athletic competitions.

Briley demonstrates her singing abilities by publishing cover versions of songs on TikTok and Instagram. Her financial stability comes from the corporate sector and music industry.