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Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime? The Facts Revealed

What are the benefits of working for an established company like Amazon? Do Amazon employees get free Prime? 

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company, both in terms of revenue and market capitalization. Amazon’s international operations place it ahead of China’s market leaders revenue-wise. 

Amazon is a well-run company with over 1,541,000 full-time and part-time employees. 

In this article, we will examine the perks Amazon offers its employees and if Amazon Prime is one of them. Read on!

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime?

No, Amazon employees do not receive free Amazon Prime. They also do not receive prime discounts. Instead, Amazon offers employees a 10% discount on items bought from the platform. 

The discount is on items Amazon ships and sells. In addition, the discount has a limit, which employees cannot exceed, and that limit is $1000 per annum. When employees reach the limit, they must wait for the next year to start enjoying the 10% discount on items Amazon ships and sells. 

Amazon’s market capitalization as of August 17, 2023, was $1.37 trillion, making it the world’s largest e-commerce company. So, it’s unfortunate that employees don’t get free prime.

Amazon offers other mouthwatering benefits, which we will reveal soon. However, many current and past employees cannot understand why such a large company cannot offer free Prime to employees. 

The simple reason the company may have decided against offering free Prime to employees may be because it wants to prevent account sharing.

What Does Amazon Prime Mean?

Amazon Prime offers diverse benefits that account holders can attest to. It is a subscription service that Amazon offers. 

As a Prime member, one can have free two-day shipping for certain items (only eligible items), access to TV shows, streaming movies, unlimited photo storage, and lots more.    

What Benefits Do Amazon Employees Receive?  

Amazon’s innovative approach to work culture is helping the company employees be more productive in discharging their duties. However, it is a fast-paced workplace with so much to do daily. 

Securing a job at a company like Amazon is many people’s dream. Besides the high hourly wage, which is twice as high as the federal minimum wage, Amazon offers its employees a wide range of benefits. Check them out below. 

  • Paid parental leave
  • Health coverage
  • Paid college tuition 
  • Ways to save for the future
  • Pay average hourly pay – $19 
  • Other resources to improve well-being and health

How Amazon Employees Can Access Discounts

Here is how you can access the Amazon employee discount. The first step is to get an Amazon employee account. With this account, you can access your Amazon Employee Hub account, where your EDC (employee discount code) is.  

You can access your discounts via diverse channels. Alternatively, you can download the Amazon app to your mobile device for easy access. 

Here are channels through which you can access your employee discounts:

  • Amazon Extras accounts
  • Amazon’s employee website
  • Amazon Associate Discount Program

There are two ways you can purchase products. You can do it directly from Amazon. Another option is to buy the product from a third-party company. 

Since you already have an employee account, you can log in and browse the available deals to use the discounts. However, we advise you read the terms and conditions attached to each discount. Find out if there are restrictions or any limitations, and ensure you adhere to them. 

Amazon employees discount is a program for employees. So, if you are an employee, ensure you take advantage of the fact that the company has a discount for employees like you. 

What You Need To Know About Amazon Employees’ Discount Eligibility 

Who is eligible for Amazon employees’ discounts? The first step is to be an employee of the company. Be genuinely employed by the company. 

The next step is to commit some hours or days of work. In other words, Amazon wants you to work for a certain period to qualify for a 10% discount available to employees. The rule says employees must work for at least 30 days or more to become eligible for the discount on Amazon products.

You must understand that Amazon can do whatever it wishes with the discount. It has the power to suspend the discount or restrict it. Furthermore, you may qualify for the discount when you work 20 hours or more. 

A Handy Tip: Note that some benefits are only available to full-time employees or those who have been with the e-commerce giant for a long time. 

So, check the benefits and discounts available to you. Remember that several factors can determine discounts and benefits you can access. These include location, length of employment, scheduled hours, and job status, whether you are a temporary or seasonal employee.

 Benefits of Amazon Employee Discounts

 Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world by market capitalization and revenue. So, landing a job at Amazon is a dream for many. 

In addition to an encouraging wage, Amazon offers employees several benefits, such as discounts, paid parental leave, health coverage, and more.

Here are the benefits of Amazon discounts.

  • Opportunity to save money: With discounts, you can buy products or services you use daily and save money. Imagine getting 10% of the prices of items wiped off. So, if you want to save money on daily products, use the employee discount. 
  • Makes Amazon more attractive to talents: Offering discounts to employees makes Amazon attractive to talents. It reduces employee turnover, making employees consider Amazon against others. A reduction in employee turnover leads to a more stable workforce. Furthermore, the business will feel a positive impact when the workforce is stable. 
  • Increase job satisfaction: Employees feel valued when offered benefits. It shows that the company cares about them. The benefit is an increase in job satisfaction and productivity. When employees are satisfied and motivated, productivity will increase.
  • Lessen financial burden for employees: Imagine getting 10% knocked off the price of an item you purchase almost daily. You will save money and feel the financial burden on your shoulders reduced. 

What Amazon Employees Receive Discounts For  

The reason Amazon is offering discounts to its employees is apparent. The company wants the best life for its employees, as it owes its success to them. 

Employees get special discounts and coupons. However, they can only use it on items Amazon ships and sells. In other words, products are only fulfilled by Amazon. Note that you cannot use your discount on items from third-party sellers. 

In other words, you cannot use discounts when purchasing items shipped by third-party sellers such as Etsy or eBay. Note that the same applies to items sold via a third party on the platform.   

You can only use your discount when purchasing items from Amazon shipped by the company, not a third-party seller or company. 

How Amazon Employees Get Discounts

Amazon gives its employees a 10% discount on products fulfilled by Amazon. The discounts are available to all eligible workers. 

You can have access to your voucher with codes and use them. Log into your account, click on your profile, and you’ll see your voucher. You’ll also see the available balance and plan how you intend to spend it on items.   

A Handy Tip: Amazon discounts allow employees to save big. You can save as much as $100 for an item that costs $200 or more. However, note that the discount has a limit of $1000 per year. 

If you reach your limit for a specific year, you must wait for the next.   

Can Amazon Employees Use Discounts On Prime Day? 

Amazon discounts for employees have no restrictions on when to use them. You can use them whenever you like, even on Prime Day. 

Using Amazon discount on Prime Day is even one of the wisest things to do, as you’ll have the opportunity to save more money. However, note that Prime Day deals are like flashes of light. They usually don’t last long. Within minutes of posting, some of the items are taken off. 

So, if you want to use your Amazon employee discount on Prime Day, you must be ready to act fast. 


Do Amazon employees get free Prime? Unfortunately, Amazon employees don’t. However, the company offers massive benefits, including a 10% discount. 

The company’s employees would love to have the free Prime added as one of the benefits. However, the company has reasons for not offering Prime as one of the employee benefits. 

Most people believe their reason for this is to prevent account sharing. The company doesn’t want its employees to join the bandwagon of users who share their Amazon Prime accounts. 

The 10% discount is a massive benefit for Amazon workers. The only two limitations it has is a limit of $1000 yearly, and you can only use it on items sold by Amazon.