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Four People Discovered Dead In A Suspected Case Of Murder-Suicide At A Homeless Encampment In North Carolina

In a tragic incident, four people were found dead at a homeless encampment just outside Autryville, North Carolina, on Sunday. 

Responding to reports of shots fired around 9:30 a.m., deputies from the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office found two women and two men with gunshot wounds, indicating a suspected murder-suicide. 

While the authorities have not disclosed the motive, they assured the public that there is no apparent danger. 

Three bodies were reportedly located outside a tent, with no specific details about the fourth’s position. 

Situated in a rural area with a long private road characterized by large puddles, the encampment’s remote location will surely add complexity to the investigation. 

Autryville, located approximately 55 miles south of Raleigh, now grapples with the aftermath of this sad event. The sheriff’s office did not provide further details in response to media inquiries.