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Global Response to US Strikes on Iraq and Syria Overshadows Gaza Violations

The United States has conducted a series of airstrikes on targets in Iraq and Syria in response to an attack that resulted in the death of American soldiers in Jordan.

Iraq reported that 16 individuals, including civilians, were killed on its territory, while a monitoring group reported 18 fatalities in Syria.

Washington has indicated the possibility of additional strikes to deter what it describes as the Iran-aligned “axis of resistance,” particularly in light of Israel’s ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

US President Joe Biden stated, “Our response began today. It will continue at times and places of our choosing.”

Here are the reactions from various parts of the world to the US action:


The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Nasser Kanaani, denounced the strikes as violations of Iraq and Syria’s sovereignty, international law, and the United Nations Charter. 

Kanaani criticized the US for its support of Israel’s actions in Gaza and accused the attacks of furthering the goals of the Israeli government.


The Iraqi government expressed concern that the airstrikes could escalate tensions in the region and rejected Washington’s claims of coordination with Baghdad. Iraqi officials emphasized their commitment to maintaining Iraq’s security and stability.


Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the strikes, alleging that they exacerbated the conflict in the region and violated Syria’s sovereignty. 

The Syrian military accused the US of targeting areas where the Syrian Arab Army was combating ISIL remnants, suggesting US collaboration with the terrorist organization.

Islamic Resistance in Iraq:

The coalition of armed groups opposed to the US and Israel in Iraq condemned the strikes and claimed responsibility for launching drones at a US base in Erbil.


Hamas strongly condemned the US aggression against Iraq and Syria, characterizing it as a dangerous escalation and a threat to regional security.

Hamas called for an end to Israeli aggression in Gaza and criticized the Biden administration’s policies in the region.

European Union:

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell urged all parties to avoid escalating tensions in the Middle East, citing the volatile situation in Gaza and other conflict zones.

United Kingdom:

The UK government expressed support for the US’s right to respond to attacks but refrained from commenting further on the operations.


Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski attributed the airstrikes to Iran’s actions and warned of the consequences of escalating tensions.

US House Speaker:

Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, criticized President Biden for not projecting strength in response to Iran.

Council on American-Islamic Relations:

CAIR called for an end to US military interventions in the Middle East and emphasized the need for justice and freedom for the Palestinian people.

Experts questioned the effectiveness of the US airstrikes and emphasized the importance of addressing the underlying issues, particularly the conflict in Gaza, to de-escalate tensions in the region.