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Where Is Costco Opening New Stores In 2025 USA: Revealed Locations

Costco is opening new stores in 2025 in locations such as Loomis, CA, North Port, FL, Mt. Juliet, TN, and Richmond, TX.

These new locations are part of Costco’s expansion plans for the future, aimed at bringing its services closer to customers in different regions of the United States. The company’s strategy includes establishing branches in key areas to cater to a growing customer base and meet the increasing demand for its products and services.

By strategically placing these new stores, Costco aims to enhance its retail presence and continue its legacy of providing quality products to consumers across the country.

Costco’s Expansion Plans In 2025

Costco is expanding its presence in the USA with plans to open new stores in various locations by 2025. Some of the upcoming locations include Austin, Texas, as well as Loomis, California, North Port, Florida, and Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Costco as they continue to grow their presence across the country.

Locations Revealed

Costco is set to expand its presence in 2025 with new locations across the United States and internationally.

Growth Strategy Overview

  • Costco plans to open new stores in strategic locations to cater to a growing customer base.
  • The company aims to enhance its market penetration and further establish its brand in key regions.
  • With a focus on customer satisfaction, Costco’s expansion aligns with its commitment to providing quality products and services.

Locations And Store Openings

New Locations City State/Country
Loomis CA United States
North Port FL United States
Mt. Juliet TN United States
Jiangning CHN China
Riverbank CA United States
Richmond TX United States
NW Omaha NE United States
Chaska MN United States


New Costco Stores In The USA

Are you a fan of Costco and eagerly waiting for new stores to open near you? Well, you’re in luck! Costco has revealed its plans to open several new locations in the USA by 2025. So, whether you’re in Texas, California, Florida, Tennessee, or other states, you can look forward to enjoying the convenience and savings that Costco offers.

Locations In The USA

Costco’s expansion plans include opening new stores in various cities across the country. Some of the locations that have been confirmed include:

  • Loomis, CA
  • North Port, FL
  • Mt. Juliet, TN
  • Jiangning, CHN
  • Riverbank, CA
  • Richmond, TX
  • NW Omaha, NE
  • Chaska, MN

From the sunny beaches of Florida to the bustling cities of California and Tennessee, Costco is set to bring its unique shopping experience to these new locations.

Expected Openings

While exact opening dates may vary, you can expect to see these new Costco stores starting from 2025. It’s always exciting to welcome a new Costco to a community, as it means access to a wide range of products at wholesale prices, including groceries, electronics, household essentials, and more. Plus, with Costco’s legendary customer service and satisfaction guarantee, shopping at these new locations will be a delight for both new and existing members.

Keep an eye on Costco’s official website and local news in your area to stay updated on the grand opening dates of these highly anticipated stores. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a member and start enjoying the benefits that Costco has in store for you!

Upcoming Costco Branches

Costco, the retail giant known for its warehouse membership clubs, is expanding its reach with the opening of new branches in various locations across the United States and internationally. As it eyes future growth, the company has announced plans to establish its presence in different states and venture into new international locations. Let’s dive into the details of these upcoming Costco branches.

Expanding To Different States

Costco’s ambitious expansion strategy includes the establishment of new branches in several states within the USA. In 2025, eager shoppers can look forward to the opening of Costco outlets in the following locations:

  • Austin, Texas
  • North Port, Florida
  • Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
  • Riverbank, California
  • Richmond, Texas
  • NW Omaha, Nebraska

International Locations

Costco’s global footprint is set to expand with the introduction of new branches in international markets. The company’s 2025 expansion plans include venturing into Jiangning, China, and Shenzhen, China. These upcoming international locations signify Costco’s commitment to serving customers on a global scale.

With these strategic new openings and an eye on further expansion, Costco is poised to continue delighting shoppers and meeting the growing demands for its diverse range of products and services.

Where is Costco Opening New Stores in 2025 Usa  : Revealed Locations


Costco’s 2025 Development

In 2025, Costco is expanding its footprint in the USA, with new stores planned in Austin, Texas, and other locations including North Port, Florida, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, and Riverbank, California. Additionally, the company is set to open new branches in Loomis, California and Southfield, Michigan, further solidifying its presence in the market.

Focus On New Markets

Costco is set to expand its footprint across the USA in 2025, with several new locations planned in strategic markets.

Diversification Efforts

In addition to its plans for stores in the USA, Costco is also focused on entering new markets, including international locations like China.

With a relentless drive towards growth, Costco is exploring innovative concepts to cater to diverse consumer needs.

Overview of New Costco Store Openings in 2025

Location Planned Opening
Loomis, CA Coming Soon
North Port, FL Expansion
Mt. Juliet, TN Future Location
Jiangning, CHN Global Expansion
Riverbank, CA Upcoming
Richmond, TX New Store
NW Omaha, NE Expansion
Chaska, MN Development
  • Costco is continuously seeking to meet the demands of new demographics by introducing strategic store locations.
  • The company’s emphasis on adequate market research contributes to identifying potential areas for expansion.
  1. By leveraging customer insights, Costco aims to enhance its presence in the retail landscape.
  2. boldThese strategic moves highlight Costco’s commitment to sustained growth and customer-centric approach.

Retail Insights On Costco

Costco is set to expand its presence in the USA with new store openings in Austin, Texas; North Port, Florida; Mt. Juliet, Tennessee; and Richmond, Texas by 2025. Additionally, new locations will also be established in China, such as Jiangning, and in Loomis, California, with more locations to come.

Business Insider’s Report

Business Insider, Costco is set to open new stores in the United States in 2025. This report provides valuable insights into the retail giant’s expansion plans, giving us a glimpse into where the new Costco stores will be located. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting development.

Fort Worth Star-telegram’s Coverage

Fort Worth Star-Telegram has also covered Costco’s expansion plans. The newspaper highlights the opening of a new Business Center in Southfield, Michigan, in January. In addition to this, the retailer plans to open two more stores, one of which will be in Texas. This news brings excitement to Costco enthusiasts in Texas, who can expect a brand new location in the near future.

In summary, Costco’s future plans for expanding its reach across the United States in 2025 are generating buzz. According to Business Insider’s report, we can expect new stores to emerge in various states. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s coverage specifically sheds light on the upcoming openings in Southfield, Michigan, and Texas. It’s an exciting time for Costco enthusiasts, as the retail giant continues to provide a wide variety of high-quality products and services to its ever-growing consumer base.

Strategic Store Openings

Strategic Store Openings:

Michigan Business Center

Michigan Business Center commencing its operations in Southfield with two additional stores.

Retail Outlook For Texas

Come 2025, new Costco locations to emerge in booming retail market of Texas.

Where is Costco Opening New Stores in 2025 Usa  : Revealed Locations


Frequently Asked Questions Of Where Is Costco Opening New Stores In 2025 Usa

Where Are The Proposed New Costco Locations 2024?

Costco’s proposed new locations for 2024 include Loomis, CA; North Port, FL; Mt. Juliet, TN; Jiangning, CHN; Riverbank, CA; Richmond, TX; NW Omaha, NE; and Chaska, MN.

What Are Costco’s Future Plans?

Costco plans to open new locations in various cities like Loomis, North Port, and Mt. Juliet in 2025.

Where Are The New Costco Locations In Texas 2025?

Costco is planning to open new locations in Texas in 2025. The specific locations have not been disclosed.

What Is The Growth Plan For Costco?

Costco plans to open new stores in various locations like California, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, China, and others. Growth includes branching out to new markets in 2025.

Where Is Costco Planning To Open New Stores In 2025 In Usa?

Costco’s future plans include opening new locations in Austin, Texas, and various other cities in the USA in 2025.


As Costco continues to expand its presence across the USA, new store locations are set to open in 2025. With branches planned for states including Florida, California, Tennessee, and Texas, customers can look forward to more convenient access to the wholesale retailer.

As the company’s growth plans unfold, these new openings present exciting opportunities for shoppers in these areas to enjoy the benefits of Costco’s wide range of products and membership perks. Stay tuned for updates on these upcoming store launches and get ready to experience Costco in your neighborhood.