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Why Is Donald Trump Orange? Unlocking The Mystery 

Why is Donald Trump orange now when he looked like an average Caucasian male in the 1980s? Trump’s life has been a mystery, including his political career. In addition, you’ll always be in the spotlight if you’re a politician of Trump’s caliber. 

In addition to being a celebrity, real estate mogul, and businessman, Trump is a rugged politician. But then, he has had a far better political career than many Republicans who have been in the party long before he even started pursuing his presidential ambition. 

Trump’s skin color is the topic we will be discussing in this post today. So, sit tight, and continue reading. 

Why Is Donald Trump Orange?

There have been several explanations for Trump’s orange appearance. The 45th president of the United States of America looks like he has been eating a bunch of carrots daily.   

Besides public opinion, Trump himself has given the reason he looks orange. Unfortunately, many aren’t buying it or seeing it his way. Instead, they believe the ex-president of the United States isn’t stating the fact about his skin color. 

So, why is Trump’s skin looking orange? Here are the possible reasons. 

1: Trump might be using bad artificial tanning:

When one’s skin changes color like Trump’s in such a short time, tanning would be the possible reason. 

A Cleveland-based makeup artist, Jason Kelly, shared what he thinks happened to Trump’s skin, and he concludes by saying tanning is the reason for Trump’s orange look. Kelly worked for the Republicans during the party’s 2016 National Convention, so he should know more about Trump’s color. 

Jason Kelly claims he knows exactly how Trump does the tanning. The tanning bed and spray tan. He claims the 45th president of the United States probably wears goggles before spraying, as the hyper-pigmentation around his eyes indicates.   

Many experts have agreed that Trump is self-tanning. It’s just a matter of whether it’s a tanning bed or a spray tan. However, makeup artists and experts have claimed that Trump isn’t doing the tanning properly or using a good-quality product. 

It is one thing to self-tan and another to properly apply makeup on tanned skin. One has to be highly skilled to apply makeup on tanned skin and look good. 

If you don’t have the skill and knowledge, you may mess things up, and that’s most likely what happened in Donald Trump’s case. He might be self-tanning and not doing it correctly. On top of that, he might be applying makeup too. 

2: Trump isn’t choosing the correct shade for his skin:

Several celebrity makeup artists have claimed Donald Trump is tanning his skin. Unfortunately, they believe his skin is orange because he isn’t using the proper shade. 

To avoid appearing orange, makeup artists advise choosing a color that matches one’s skin color. In addition, exfoliating the skin is very important before tanning. This way, you’ll get to dull the orange color before tanning. 

Finally, makeup artists warn against self-tanning when one lacks experience. They suggest meeting a professional if you don’t have the experience. This forms the third reason why Trump is orange.

3: Trump is self-tanning but not applying it correctly:

Asking someone like Donald Trump to hire a professional to help with his tanning won’t be well-received by him. He has the financial capacity to hire the best makeup artists in the world and pay them for a lifetime, but he won’t. Why? Because of the 1997 experience that he had. 

Jill Harth sued Donald Trump for sexual harassment in 1997. She claimed the business tycoon groped, kissed, and even tried rapping her. Trump denied the allegation and termed Harth’s lawsuit meritless. 

Since then, Trump has hardly been seen with a makeup artist. He may likely be self-tanning, which saves him from being accused of sexual harassment as Jill Harth did, but that is that the right thing to do?   

Donald Trump isn’t applying the tanner on his skin correctly. Where he learned how self-tanning is done needs to be questioned, as he needs to know he has to exfoliate to dull the orange color and choose the perfect color for his skin tone. 

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s spraying tan could be responsible for his orange-colored skin. He probably isn’t using the correct shade for his skin color. 

4: The effect of the lights:

Donald Trump places more importance on appearance than any powerful individual who’s not in the modeling, film, or television industry or any president in America’s history. So, it would undoubtedly be difficult to convince him that his orange-like skin is a result of a bad self-tanning job he’s doing. 

Speaking to a large group of Republican legislatures in Baltimore, Trump tackled the criticism he’s facing because of his plans to weaken regulations on environmentally friendly light bulbs. 

Trump said, “The light bulb, people are saying, what’s with the light bulb? Well, I said: here is the thing. And I had a look at it. The light bulb we’re being forced to accept and use! No 1, to me, most importantly, the light bulb isn’t good. I always look orange, and so do you! The light bulb is the worst.” 

Trump called energy-saving bulbs “hazardous waste” and claimed they’re more expensive than their incandescent predecessor. He further claimed the lights weren’t good. 

In summary, “Donald Trump blames energy-saving light bulbs as the reason he is orange”. 

He believes rolling back the standards of energy-efficient light bulbs will make him appear much better and stop him from looking orange.

Unfortunately, Trump has an accomplice who believes the lighting is responsible for his orange appearance. Before he became the 45th president, Jason Kelly, a celebrity makeup artist, helped beautify Trump and other Republican presidential candidates at the 2016 presidential convention. 

Speaking to Marie Claire, Jason Kelly earlier claimed he met Donald Trump and he wasn’t looking orange or unusual. Kelly said poor lighting could have been responsible for Trump’s orange appearance. 

Kelly claimed when he met Trump; he didn’t notice any form of liquid or cream foundation on his skin or a spray tan. Kelly claims he would have known if Trump was spray tanning as he has an eye for it. 

Years later, Trump’s orange appearance is looking more obvious, forcing people like Jason Kelly to switch sides. Kelly is now among the group of makeup artists, and people who believe Trump is self-tanning.   

The Verdict On Donald Trump’s Orange Appearance

There is no denying that a light bulb can change a person’s appearance, but blaming energy-saving bulbs on Trump’s carrot-like skin is baseless. 

In a timeline of Donald Trump’s original appearance, Yahoo noted how the real estate mogul looked in the 1980s. He essentially looked like an average Caucasian male then, though a little bit on the pale side. 

In the 1990s, Trump’s skin tone changed slightly. This time, he had a naturally fair tone with some healthy, rosy color. However, in 2005, he started taking the citrus shade we have all become accustomed to.    

His appearance after becoming the president of the United States convinced many to believe he was self-tanning. Even Jason Kelly, who brushed off the idea that Trump’s orange look was because he was tanning, now agrees that much has changed after the election. 

Jason Kelly now believes Donald Trump is self-tanning, as the hyper-pigmentation around his eyes indicates that he’s indeed using a tanner. The pigmentation shows he’s wearing goggles while self-tanning, which is the usual practice. 

Trump is a close friend to self-tanning mogul Steve Hilbert, who became the Chief Executive Officer of New Sunshine, a line of tanning products consisting of bronzers and lotions endorsed by the Kardashians. His friendship with the tanning mogul started around 2006, which was about the same period he started looking orange. 

Another thing we need to remember is that the 45th president of the United States of America had rosacea, a reddening skin condition he has been confronting with antibiotics.

Rosacea could be the reason Trump is self-tanning. He may apply it to look younger and have the rosacea on his nose covered up. 

Trump loves to look good. He values his appearance more than anything. Trump values his appearance more than any president the United States has ever had. He even staffed his administration based on looks. He blocked Janet Yallen’s second-term bid partly because he felt she was too short and almost didn’t hire John Bolton because of his mustache. 

He bullies others who he thinks aren’t looking good and has called several political opponents fat. Trump hired his aides partly because of how they look. He claimed the ones working with him looked like people from central casting. 

The verdict is Trump is orange because he’s self-tanning. He can deny, but the facts are there.