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Detroit Pistons’ Ongoing Struggles: Record-Breaking 27 Consecutive Losses in NBA Single Season

The Detroit Pistons find themselves in an agonizing slump, marked by a heartbreaking 27-game losing streak that has etched their name into NBA history for all the wrong reasons. 

The last time they tasted victory, Halloween was still on the horizon, and now, the prospect of their next win remains uncertain.

This dubious record was cemented on Tuesday with a 118-112 defeat to the Brooklyn Nets, pushing the Pistons to a woeful 2-28 season record. 

The team now holds the solitary distinction of surpassing the previous mark set by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2013-14 and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010-11.

Despite a momentary glimmer of hope when Cade Cunningham’s 3-pointer gave them a 97-92 lead in the fourth quarter, a relentless 13-0 run by the Nets dashed their aspirations. 

Cunningham’s impressive 41-point performance, with 37 points coming in the second half, couldn’t salvage the Pistons from the ignominy of this record-setting loss.

Pistons coach Monty Williams acknowledged the gravity of the situation, expressing the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. 

He admitted, “Nobody wants something like this attached to them. Bottom line, it’s my job. It’s my responsibility…I’ve got to get them in the position where they don’t feel tight or heavy.”

The upcoming schedule offers no respite for the Pistons, with five of their next seven games on the road, including matchups against formidable opponents like Boston, Houston, Denver, and Sacramento. 

On their current trajectory, they are on pace for a dismal 6-76 record, a mark that would go down in NBA history as the fewest victories in a season.

Cunningham acknowledged the emotional toll, stating, “It weighs on us every day…Everybody staying together is key, and we’ve got to stay desperate.”

Despite statistical indicators that suggest they are not the worst team in the NBA, the Pistons’ win-loss record places them at the bottom. 

The team’s struggles have seen losses by slim margins and significant deficits, showcasing the challenges they face on multiple fronts.

In a meeting with local reporters, Pistons owner Tom Gores expressed his disappointment and apologized to the fans. 

He acknowledged the need for change but remained steadfast in supporting Coach Monty Williams and General Manager Troy Weaver. 

Gores emphasized the team’s promising future, citing a roster of talented young players and flexible contracts that position them well for future success.

“While the vision feels blurry, to me, it’s the same feeling I had at the beginning of the season of a bright future. I still have that,” Gores concluded, emphasizing hope amid the current trials.

Source: bostonglobe