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Has James Harden Won A Championship? The Philadelphia 76ers ‘Beard’

Has James Harden won a championship? Basketball is always regarded as a team sport. The game’s objective is for all five participants to participate in offense and defense. However, for the stars, they’re always wanting to win a championship.

James Harden has become one of the game’s top competitors in the past decade. He rose to prominence after joining the Houston Rockets. During his tenure with the Rockets, the Beard received his only MVP award.

Throughout his over ten-year NBA career, James Harden has been heavily criticized. He is a ten-time all-star and a six-time member of the all-NBA first team. He was the 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player and a three-time scoring champion. 

He’s also a member of the league’s 75th-anniversary team and a two-time Olympic gold medalist with Team USA. Let’s look at if James Harden won any championship.

Has James Harden Won a Championship?

James Harden has yet to win an NBA championship as a prominent player for a team. He did achieve one title while playing for the 2020 USA Men’s National Basketball Team. 

This victory is significant because it demonstrates that Harden can win at the highest level, even when competing against other outstanding players.

Also, it is essential to consider that individual awards such as MVP and score titles are lovely but do not always indicate a successful team performance. 

It requires a team effort to achieve a basketball championship; rarely does a single player lead their team to victory.

Harden Still After The NBA Championship

Skip Bayless didn’t mince his words on the Fox Sports program Undisputed, “James Harden doesn’t care about winning. He cares about winning MVP, which he did in 2018. He is concerned about being listed in the NBA’s All-Time Top 75.”

Harden is prepared to demonstrate that he is not bothered by the infinite streams of criticism and that, contrary to Bayless’ opinion, he wants to succeed and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Bryant, a famous basketball player, also stated that, while incredible and perhaps even necessary, Harden’s ball-dominant style would not help the Rockets win an NBA championship. A Hall of Famer named Charles Barkley recently criticized Harden’s playing approach. 

He stated that if he were on the court with Harden, he would become weary standing in the corner waiting for the ball, which never came to him, while Harden did his thing. Barkley stated that he would have requested a transfer from the team’s management.

Harden has reached the Western Conference Finals thrice. He was in the Championship finals with the Oklahoma City Thunder, in which Miami defeated them. 

Harden’s Rockets teams fell to the Warriors in the conference semifinals in 2015 and 2018. He had an opportunity to break through and capture a championship with the Brooklyn Nets, Durant, and Kyrie Irving.

During the 2011–12 season, he was teamed up with Westbrook. Harden collected his Sixth Man of the Year award despite being a substitute. He is currently one of the greatest offensive players of the decade. 

His win was postponed thanks to the Golden State becoming a superpower during his faultless season, which included claiming MVP in 2018. 

His Houston Rockets team faced the Warriors for several seasons, losing the games every time. At the age of 33, he reached the Western Conference Finals. This season, he desires to capture the NBA championship with the Philadelphia 76ers.

How Good is James Harden On The Basketball Court?

James Harden can score 50 points on any night, make difficult jump shots over the game’s top players, and win scores and MVP awards. Can he win a championship? 

This is the most essential issue. Harden must begin to trust his teammates more and devise a system similar to the one utilized by the Golden State Warriors during their historic run from 2015 to 2019. Only then will they achieve genuine success and win their desired NBA championship.

On February 10, he was transferred from the Brooklyn Nets to the Philadelphia 76ers. He requested the team improve and sign new players then his allowance will come in later. Harden disclosed to Yahoo earlier in the month.

 “This is how badly I want to succeed. I want to compete in a tournament. It is all that I care about at the moment. I’m willing to accept less if it means achieving our objective.”

Harden did as he said he would and rejected the Sixers’ $47.4 million offer for the 2022–23 season. 

This allowed the team to sign essential players such as P.J. Tucker and Danuel House. On July 20, 2023, he inked a two-year, $68.6 million contract with the Sixers, including a player option for the 2023–24 season.

Harden believes he should have won the championship. In 2012, he was an Oklahoma City Thunder team member that lost the NBA Finals.

“I was close ten years ago, so I remember what it was like to be there. I need it again—getting one would mean the world to me. This is an all-or-nothing mentality.”

Is James Harden’s Team To Blame For His Losses?

James Harden has had some success in the postseason throughout his tenure, but he has never won a championship as the team’s star player. This could be from various factors. In playoff contests, teams need to get along and perform well.

During his tenure with the Houston Rockets, he was a part of several teams that nearly qualified for the playoffs but fell short due to injuries or subpar performance by other key players. And at times, Harden has faltered in crucial playoff moments.

Due to injuries, Harden has also struggled to perform at his best during the postseason. His injury with the Brooklyn Nets during the 2021 NBA playoffs limited his playing time. This contributed to the team’s loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

James Harden is, without a doubt, one of the finest and most accomplished players in the game despite these obstacles and setbacks. In the future years, it will be intriguing to observe his continued efforts to obtain an NBA championship.

Will Harden Get The Championship Ring Someday?

Since 2012, he has been a member of the Houston Rockets. He has been selected to the All-Star team ten times and has led the league in points per game for the past three seasons. 

In 2018, he was awarded NBA MVP. Harden has never won a championship despite making the playoffs every season since his selection in 2009.

It makes sense that his absence of ultimate triumph is a significant point of contention. It is easier to be considered one of the GOATs with a championship ring. This is why Harden wanted to leave Houston so desperately.

Currently, James Harden is, without a doubt, the greatest scorer in the NBA. He repeatedly turns his opponents, making even the most difficult step-back dives appear absurdly simple. All of this, however, hinders one thing: getting to know one another as a team.

NBA Championship Is More of Team Effort

Harden is unquestionably one of the finest athletes of all time, but he will never win a championship as he currently performs. He must alter his playing style and make enhancements to benefit the team and his legacy.

A team must perform competently to win the regular season, the semifinals, and the championship. With Harden’s playing approach, this connection is not feasible.

Harden uses Iso-Ball frequently, which has a significant impact on the team. As a case study, his 50-point performance against the San Antonio Spurs (11-38 FG, 28.94% shooting) demonstrates that he takes unnecessary or blocked shots. 

If they are double-teamed, he must pass the ball up when the shot clock has already elapsed a significant amount of time, and the player receiving the ball is under tremendous pressure to make the shot in the remaining time. 

Everyone proficient at basketball knows the importance of getting into a rhythm. This is challenging to have when competing with James Harden.

James Harden is currently seeking another transfer. He intends to transfer his talents to a city where he can appreciate urban living more, and it’s not the Philadelphia 76ers. 

The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers have the highest likelihood of signing and trading for Harden. James Harden’s third transfer request in the past two years has led many to believe he does not want to achieve an NBA championship.

Harden Failed to Win At Philadelphia and Brooklyn

Harden was in Brooklyn at some point and in an excellent position to capture the NBA championship. 

It appeared impossible to stop Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. In reality, that was not the case. Due to injuries, Harden only appeared in 80 games for Brooklyn throughout his two-year contract.

The Nets were slated to face the Milwaukee Bucks in the postseason of 2021. In contrast, Harden faltered in four consecutive games. He averaged only 11 points per game and fired 30% from the field.

Harden did not attempt to win his first championship during the season. Instead, he requested a trade, which led to his transfer to the Philadelphia 76ers.


Has James Harden won a championship? James Harden may not have any NBA championship medals, but that does not mean he won’t one day. 

He is now one of the greatest players in the NBA, having been named to the All-NBA team three times and winning three MVP accolades. He has another opportunity to achieve a championship alongside other outstanding players.

However, remember that basketball is a team sport and that winning championships on your own is not a given. 

That is the only way to predict what will occur with James Harden and his championship aspirations. However, he will be a significant force in the NBA for many years due to his excellent skills and strong will to succeed.