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Is The NFL Scripted? What Everyone Must Understand

Is the NFL scripted, as many have claimed over the years? Pro football packs so much drama that make fans across the globe question if games are real or fixed. So, it is easier for people to question the game’s genuineness. 

Arian Foster, Former Houston Texans running back is one of the superstars to put the NFL under the bus. His comment about the NFL being scripted has generated a massive response from players, past and present. Arian made a simple joke, but it seems he took things too far.

So, is it true that NFL games are fixed? Here’s what you need to know about this topic.

Is The NFL Scripted?

The NFL is a drama-packed sport. It is also unpredictable, intense, action-packed, and highly competitive, but it is not scripted. 

So, don’t pay attention to what ex-NFL running back Arian Foster said about the NFL being scripted. He was only joking and might not have meant any of the things he said. 

The results of NFL games are decided by the players on the field, not the coaches or match officials. The referees may sometimes make controversial decisions but can’t stop players from performing their duties. 

In addition, you cannot determine pro football scores until the timer turns zero. So, how is the sport scripted? 

Who Are The Players Claiming That The NFL Is Scripted?

The NFL has provided us with unforgettable moments, some being unbelievable, leaving supporters and critics with jaws on the floor. Can you make these things up? Of course, you can’t. 

If the NFL was scripted, as Arian Foster and Dwight Smith, NFL superstar and Super Bowl XXXVII winner, claimed, how come millions of fans haven’t started talking about it? The NFL is over 100 years old, and claims about it being fake are springing up in this generation. 

Dwight Smith’s claim of the NFL being scripted shows a former superstar speaking from the side of pain or ignorance. His claims were laughable. 

In a radio interview organized in 2022, Dwight Smith told the interviewer that the league predetermines the winner of every major league game. He claims each team knows the play the other teams would run before the game starts. 

Dwight Smith also claims the NFL chooses teams for the Super Bowl based on the story they would generate. And that the winners of these major games aren’t decided on the field. 

Now, here’s the shocker. When Dwight Smith was asked if his Super Bowl win was illegitimate, he said, “all Super Bowls are illegitimate.” He stylishly avoided responding to the question.  

The two former players, Arian Foster and Dwight Smith, believe the NFL is scripted. They claim major games are fixed but have failed to provide any evidence. 

Both players gave their reasons, but they didn’t appear compelling enough. You cannot just come out from nowhere and claim a sport that has existed for over 100 years is scripted because one or more results wasn’t in your favor. 

The NFL is drama-packed, and anything can happen. Even the mighty teams lose games. That makes pro football special. 

NFL Superstars Reaction To Claims The League Is Scripted 

The claim by some ex-NFL players and even supporters that the NFL is scripted hasn’t been well-received by some players, current and past. And many have come out to voice their concerns. 

Tom Brady, three-time NFL MVP, is one of the superstars who have commented on the accusation about the league being scripted. 

Tom Brady’s response shocked the world and it’s the perfect one. He said, “You think I’ll be happy to play with a script that had me lose to Peyton’s little brother, Eli, twice in the Super Bowl? To this, he replied, “No!”

In all honesty, someone of Tom Brady’s caliber wouldn’t agree to a script that puts him in a position to lose an all-important game in the Super Bowl. He wouldn’t accept such a script. Perhaps he might have been the first player to call out the NFL officials for demanding such of him. 

The Tom Brady we all know and respect wouldn’t have agreed to a script that makes him lose a perfect season to Eli Manning, and the New York Giants compete with a comeback comprising a helmet catch, including a missed interception. He wouldn’t have done so. 

Tom Brady wouldn’t have agreed to a script that pushed him to lose another Lombardi Trophy to Eli Manning a few years later.   

That’s why the NFL is unique. The fact that it’s not scripted makes it unique. The NFL isn’t the WWE we all know is scripted. It boasts a lot of drama, and the outcomes are never decided until the clock hits zero. 

If there is anyone to speak about claims that the NFL is scripted, Tom Brady would be that person. He’s fearless and has a reputation for speaking his mind. 

Can The NFL Fix Games Legally? 

The NFL constitution and bylaws do not empower any official, team, or stakeholder to fix games. The NFL does not possess any power to fix games. The players decide the results on the field, and the league officials can do nothing to change anything. 

Referees may give a bad call, but they are only human. Humans can make mistakes sometimes. The probability of referees making bad calls per game is also very low. It doesn’t always occur. Even when it does, there is no evidence that those at the helm of affairs are trying to fix the games. 

If the NFL were fixing games legally, it wouldn’t have been as competitive as it is. In addition, pro football won’t have sustained its relevance in America as the sport of choice for the region. 

Arian Foster’s claim that the NFL hands players scripts on what to do in games before the season starts is a joke. There is no element of truth in that. 

Firstly, if there were, hundreds of players, both past and present, would have come out to support Foster. Fans would have been aware of the illegality in their beloved sport, too. 

A simple way Arian Foster would have settled this issue would have been to present one of the scripts the NFL gave him. With that, the confusion on whether the NFL fixed games would have ended. 

Reasons Why The NFL Cannot Be Fixed

Professional wrestling is scripted, and everyone knows this. The fans know, and the players themselves know. There is nothing to hide about that. Even the professional wrestling top executives know that people are aware that they script matches. 

Scripting a sport like the NFL would take a lot of work for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons. 

1: Many players would react:

If the NFL were truly scripted, Foster wouldn’t have been the only one to have spoken about it. He and Dwight Smith aren’t the only ex-NFL players. The sport is over 100 years old and has produced hundreds of superstars. 

In addition to more players supporting Foster’s claim, we would have seen hundreds of scripts flying around. Or was the script via word of mouth? 

Even if Arian Foster claims he has misplaced all the scripts he got from the NFL, at least one or more ex-players would have kept theirs. 

2: Pro football is too chaotic:

If you watch pro football or have played it, you’ll understand how hard game fixing would be. How do you fix games with so many players on the field? This is just not possible with humans, except with robots.

So, pro football is too chaotic to fix. And even if the NFL did, the players would find it hard to follow a script during games. It is that hard. 

3: Pro football is too skillful:

The skill involved is another reason pro football is unfixable. In other words, pro football is too skillful for anyone to fix. Even if it were, it is evident that players won’t be able to make the plays the script demands of them consistently. 

4: Inequality of income will be a stumbling block:

Most NFL players earn far more than their teammates, and this might create an unhealthy competition. 

A healthy competition is what everyone desires. But let’s not rule out that most borderline practice players receiving less money may start reacting. They may use the script to bargain for higher compensation. 

The NFL has denied allegations of fixing games and even joked about it. 

5: It will be a massive scandal:

The clubs, players, and even referees who fix games face severe penalties in soccer games. Most of them even face suspension and pay hefty fines. Players involved in betting are also fined and punished. Now, imagine the same soccer officials getting caught doing the same thing. It will send a serious shockwave across the soccer community. 

Similarly, if NFL officials or authorities are caught fixing games, the secret won’t stay buried forever. It will come out somehow, though not like Brian Foster did. Instead, the so-called script and one or more officials’ names will be mentioned. 

If the NFL is caught scripting games, it would be a massive scandal that will destroy its reputation. The damage could be impossible to undo. 

Who Are The New Faces In The NFL Scripted Commercial? 

If Arian Foster, Dwight Smith, and other conspiracy theorists had known that the NFL would react this way, they probably would have thought twice before accusing the league of being scripted. 

How has the NFL reacted to the allegations that it fixes games? For most of us, the NFL has reacted perfectly. The league has been releasing a series of commercials making fun of the accusations and accusers.

Arian Foster and other conspiracy theorists wouldn’t have thought that the NFL would put up such a hilarious defense. They must have thought that their comments would have generated a heated exchange between them and NFL officials to gain cheap popularity. But to their greatest surprise, the NFL took a different direction. They decided to make fun of the whole matter, making the accusers and accusations look dumb. 

The NFL’s latest funny script will make you laugh uncontrollably. This time around, the NFL decided to cash several fan favorites. 

How did the commercial begin? It started with Keegan-Michael Key starting what appears to be a script. He was reading a script. 

Seahawks’ wide receiver, DK Metcalf, was another popular face in the commercials. The commercial began with Giants defense tackle Dexter Lawrence taking his seat. They sat next to what appeared to be the NFL writers. 

Justin Fields, Bears Quarterback, smiled and swiveled around in his chair. Then Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals’ wide receiver, looks on inquisitively. Dolphin’s cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, was another popular figure featured in the commercial. And he was dressed in his full uniform. 

Jalen said, “I thought this was a dress rehearsal.” Then Key starts speaking. He elaborated on the previous season’s script, mentioning Brock Purdy, also called “Mr. Irrelevant,” saving the day and the unforgettable Jason Kelce Super Bowl. 


Is the NFL scripted? No, it is not. Like Arian Foster and Dwight Smith, everyone can share their views. Arain Foster and Dwight Smith are the two former players who have accused the NFL of scripting games. But even funnier is that they are just using word of mouth.

None of the former players accusing the NFL of fixing games have presented any implicating evidence. They are only saying it with their mouths. At least, they should have shown us one or more of the scripts handed over to them since they were former players, too. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any script. The NFL has also handled the accusations like a true professional, making fun of it. They keep producing funny commercials about scripting games.