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Janice McAfee Net Worth: Wife to The Late McAfee’s Founder

Janice McAfee’s net worth has been a frequently asked question after the recent Netflix documentary. 

Netflix has just released a trailer for yet another must-see documentary that is quite intriguing. It is John McAfee who developed the renowned antivirus software.

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee examines the peculiar occurrences that befell him. 

Aside from his presidential campaign and the Belizean police pursuit of his murder, the program explores lesser-known aspects of his life.

It comes out that Janice McAfee, the spouse of McAfee, led an equally eventful life. Let’s discuss John’s wife, Janice McAfee, life and net worth.

Early Life and Career

She was born in Guatemala in 1983. Beyond the details above, little is known about McAfee’s African-American spouse, particularly her existence before her acquaintance with the antivirus developer.

However, it is possible that she was raised in an impoverished household and has since endured domestic violence and poverty as an adult.

Before she met John, Janet Dyson McAfee was a sex worker in Miami Beach. As soon as they crossed paths, he recruited her to work for his technology company. Conversely, her Facebook page indicates that she was an employee of Future Tense Central.

In addition, she has expressed dissent towards gun violence, inequitable wealth redistribution, and social justice. 

She leverages her notoriety to advocate for social causes and denounce the inequities inherent in a capitalist society.

Income Streams

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John was worth over $100 million when he sold his shares and left the antivirus company McAfee in 1994. Nevertheless, his official wealth had decreased to approximately $4 million by his demise.

In 2019, he stated that he was cash-strapped and unable to satisfy a $25 million court order in an unlawful death case. 

According to the police, he and his gang earned $11 million by promoting cryptocurrencies; this led to his detention on US tax evasion charges the following year.

He assured the one million Twitter followers who followed him from incarceration that he had no concealed cryptocurrencies. “I feel nothing but good about the fact that I have nothing.”

Janice reports that her deceased spouse passed away without a will or an estate, so there is no money, and it is unlikely that she will receive any due to his debts in the United States.

Breakdown of Janice McAfee’s Net Worth

According to various reports, Janice McAfee’s possible net worth is four million US dollars. 

Formerly, it was believed that John McAfee’s fortune exceeded USD 100 million; however, current opinion holds that his difficulties have precipitated a steep decline in his wealth.

Because of the severe financial harm his bad habits caused in 2009, John lost substantial money. It was very public knowledge when he lost $96 million of his $100 million fortune that year.

John’s remaining assets are considered when calculating Janice’s net worth. She potentially possesses various artifacts, luxury automobiles, a Cessna private aircraft, a 157-acre New Mexico ranch, and a Hawaii seaside residence. 

It is still being determined whether Janice possesses or can utilize these items.

Comparison of Janice McAfee’s Net Worth to Industry Averages

George Kurtz, co-founded and serves as the president and CEO of CrowdStrike, a provider of cloud-based security services. 

He established the defense firm Foundstone back in 1999. He spearheaded the organization’s transformation into an early adopter of software development for security vulnerability management within the security consulting industry.

Kurtz established the organization in 2012 to identify novel cybersecurity risks by investigating criminal methodologies. 

CrowdStrike was an early adopter of the cloud-first paradigm, wherein customers are not required to download and install software.

CrowdStrike was engaged in investigating the infamous breach of the Democratic National Committee in 2016. 

The organization proved to be of great assistance in determining whether or not the intrusion was the work of Russian intelligence services. In 2017, the company’s asset value surpassed $1 billion.

1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen established Microsoft Corporation, a pivotal year in technological history. 

Investing in Microsoft, formerly the most significant technology corporation globally, has propelled him to the status of one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet.

The Windows operating system, Microsoft’s most widely recognized product, has achieved worldwide recognition. 

Due to these and additional successful endeavors, Bill Gates ascended to the pinnacle of the technology industry.

Strong morals and good habits, innovative leadership, and advancements in personal computing all contributed to his immense wealth.

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates, his ex-wife, currently co-direct The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Internationally, the organization seeks to combat disease, poverty, and injustice. Financially, the organization ranks among the largest in the globe.

Bloomberg estimates that Bill Gates is the fifth wealthiest individual in the world, with a net worth of $128 billion.

Musk was a co-founder of SpaceX in 2002. He became chairman of Tesla, a company that was beginning to manufacture electric vehicles, after investing in the company in 2004.

He protected Tesla from insolvency amidst the 2008 financial crisis by providing an investment and loan totaling $40 million. He assumed the role of CEO the following year.

Elon Musk declared 2008 to have been his worst year. In addition to personal issues, Tesla continued to incur financial losses, and SpaceX encountered difficulties launching its Falcon 1 rocket into space. Musk was surviving on bank debt by 2009.

However, Musk’s estimated net worth has increased consistently since Tesla went public in 2010. His estimated annual income placed him on Forbes’ Billionaires List in 2012 with a net worth of $2 b. 

Elon Musk established Boring Company, a tunneling enterprise, in 2016. He founded the neurotechnology company Neuralink the following year.

Musk’s net worth doubled in tandem with Tesla stock’s meteoric rise at the onset of the pandemic. 

Musk had a net worth of just under $30 billion in 2020. It had increased to approximately $170 billion by the end of the year, which is over five times its value at the start of the year. November 2021 will mark the $340 billion mark on his estimated net worth.

Additionally, in October 2022, he acquired Twitter for $44 billion and served as the organization’s CEO until early June 2023. Bloomberg estimates he is worth $239 billion, whereas Forbes values him at $242.4 billion.

Public Image and Personal Life

John McAfee has been married thrice. Limited information exists regarding his relationship with his first wife. However, it is believed she was a student of hers.

His second marriage to Judy McAfee took place unknown to all. He established his business with Judy’s assistance back in 1987. 

Judy was formerly an American Airlines flight attendant and an avid yoga enthusiast. Their divorce occurred in 2002.

Then comes Janice with John and the two enjoyed marriage for nearly eight years. The two were still married until John’s untimely death. Janice expressed her sorrow over the untimely death of her spouse via Instagram. 

The widow composed the following upon her husband’s passing: “Today marks thirty days.” I am still in disbelief that he is not present with us. 

I hope that every morning, it is not the case that everything was a terrible dream. I miss you terribly.”

Even now, Janice McAfee, the widow of computer magnate John McAfee, remains depressed. She is working “weird tasks” to make ends meet after losing all her money. In addition, she is unaware of the whereabouts of her spouse.

The arrest of McAfee in Barcelona in October 2020 was a consequence of criminal tax fraud allegations.

The US Department of Justice asserts that he failed to file tax returns from 2014 to 2018 despite earning substantial money.

His body was discovered in his Barcelona prison cell mere hours after the Spanish National Court authorized his extradition to the United States to face tax evasion charges.

Upon discovering him hanging in his cell, it was determined that he had committed suicide. The jail’s medical personnel unsuccessfully attempted to revive him but failed.

Since the demise of her spouse, Janice has resided in a concealed location in Spain, courtesy of friends who help her. 

This is based on an Instagram post in which she expressed concern that to leave the country would endanger her life.

She remains sad due to her unresolved inquiry regarding the whereabouts of her spouse. The Catalan court’s ruling was that John McAfee committed suicide, thereby concluding the legal proceedings.

Janice holds a differing opinion regarding the integrity of the depiction of her and John as runaways in the Netflix documentary, which debuted last year. 

It was more of a story about reporters who unsuccessfully attempted to make John appear odd. They were self-absorbed and did not consider the circumstances surrounding McAfee’s desire to be considered a “fugitive”—or Janice’s decision to remain with him.

Janice desires closure in the matter. She wants to cremate or bury her spouse in a cemetery and pay him tribute with affection.

“Since John’s demise, there is no guarantee I will make it to my next birthday; however, I believe the ultimate objective is to ensure that I do not depart Spain alive,” she wrote alongside a serene beach photograph while back.


Janice McAfee net worth might not be much despite her husband, John McAfee, developing the renowned security software. 

His untimely demise came at a time when he awaited extradition to the United States to face criminal charges related to taxes. According to the Wall Street Journal, Spanish law enforcement believed McAfee committed suicide.

According to reports, the late founder committed suicide after losing $100 million of his fortune on poor real estate investments, including numerous homes whose values fell. His spouse, Janice McAffee, has refuted these assertions.

Janice McAfee declared on Twitter that her spouse had never felt more liberated after going broke. According to her, John McAfee was candid about his financial difficulties. Even during this challenging time, Janice McAfee has kept a private life.