Mastering the Ascent of Quantum Video

Founded in 2004, The Diffusion Group (TDG) is a tasked with predicting the future of television in the age of the multi-conduit, multi-context viewing. TDG assists market leaders throughout the video value chain–legacy and OTT TV operators, film/TV studios and networks, and key technology companies–in mastering this new universe of quantum video access and consumption.

Bold, Disciplined, & Remarkably Accurate

Combining bespoke primary research and deep streetwise expertise, TDG supports a number of unique analytic and advisory services. Our bold, thoughtful, and uncanny foresights are an indispensable tool for strategists tasked with mastering the future of television.

A boutique research and advisory firm, we punch far above our weight, delivering insights years ahead of the competition–as our growing list of clients can attest.


In Front of the Curve Since 2004