Mastering the Ascent of Quantum Video

Founded in 2004, The Diffusion Group (TDG) is a tasked with predicting the future of television in the age of the multi-conduit, multi-context viewing. TDG assists market leaders throughout the video value chain–legacy and OTT TV operators, film/TV studios and networks, and key technology companies–in mastering this new universe of quantum video access and consumption.

Bold, Disciplined, & Remarkably Accurate

Combining in-depth primary research and deep streetwise expertise, TDG supports a number of unique analytic and advisory services. Our bold, thoughtful, and uncanny foresights are an indispensable tool for strategists tasked with mastering the future of television.

A boutique research and advisory firm, our Members frequently note we ‘punch far above our weight.’


In Front of the Curve Since 2004