About TDG

Founded in 2004, The Diffusion Group is a unique collection of strategic advisors and research analysts focused on the future of television and video in the age of the connected consumer. We provide data-driven insights on the trends transforming – and set to transform – associated business ecosystems. TDG serves clients throughout the video value chain, including traditional and OTT TV operators; studios and television networks; CE OEMs; and the technology centers driving this transformation.


The TDG Difference

TDG combines in-depth primary research and streetwise market expertise to support a number of analytic and advisory services, from individual reports to full-service Membership programs; from finely-targeted segment analysis, to multinational primary consumer research. Our unique combination of real-world knowledge and consumer analytics produces truly original insights, knowledge on which Fortune 100 leaders and upstarts alike have come to depend.

‘In Front of the Curve since 2004′